The City of Tucson engaged Chris Hazen Molina, of Heartfelt Workforce, to facilitate Emotional Intelligence training for the current and future leaders of our organization. As a component of the City’s overall leadership training program, EI training is crucial to making our organization Human Centered. Organizations can no longer afford for emotional intelligence to take a back seat to technical skills.

Chris was amazing at guiding our leaders down a path of awareness (of self and others), recognition, communication, and intention. Chris provided tangible skills and tools for the leaders to use to practice self-regulation and to more effectively communicate in difficult situations. Several of our leaders have provided feedback that they felt connected to Chris on a deeply personal level. We witnessed their growth during EI training and have already seen the effects ripple into their work.

We were so pleased with the results of Chris’ group sessions that we have engaged her for private coaching for our leaders. We believe that investment in our employees means more than technical training and Chris gets to the heart of what has been long missing in leadership training: sincere human connection.

Johanna Hernandez
Administrator, Office of Innovation and Strategy
City Managers Office
City of Tucson


Pam CrimEveryday I am grateful that I was able to work on myself to redefine my life journey with Chris. I learned pragmatic tools as well as spiritual pillars that supported me in making the changes I wanted to make in my life.

I believe, had I not worked with Chris during a recent life transition, I would have gotten right back on the same unfulfilling track chasing happiness not realizing it!

Pamela Crim
CEO of the Better Business Bureau So AZ


160x160-alex-caryChristine is so good, I chose to lock her in as my coach for 6 months. Her capacity to deal with real world issues as well as dig deep when needed has kept me on track to building a flourishing business that has great meaning to me. Thank you Christine!

Alex Cary
Alex Cary Coaching


Anna BurchardChris’s course, workshop and her entire approach to getting in touch with your spirit and heart intelligence is brilliantly designed to make it doable within our busy lives.  Simple steps, that if you take them, and take the time to be honest, will shed light into the areas that have been shadowed and provide easy to use affirmation and tools to infiltrate your ‘regular’ life and change how it is manifesting. I have had more ‘Aha’ moments in the last 3 months than in years of counseling.

If you want to kick the good parts of your life into overdrive by simply getting in touch with your source and consciously settings specific intentions, then do yourself the favor of taking one of Chris’s courses.  And then hold on.

Anna Burchard
Transformation Lifestyle Coaching


Lisa OwrickI would highly recommend any course from Chris Hazen Molina. She is an excellent coach that gently takes your hand and leads you through the process of getting to know yourself, heal your inner self, and then learn to love the real you. Whenever you truly love yourself, miraculously your relationships with others expand and possibilities open up.

She helped me connect with my heart, my emotions, my curiosity, and my openness to whatever the world would bring next. I am eternally grateful to Chris for helping me grow, feel more and enjoy life more. It all started by being brutally honest with myself in order to heal and lean to love myself more.

Dr. Lisa Orwick
Natural Life Chiropractic


connie ryanChristine’s workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions enlighten, inform and guide me in countless ways that help me to feel empowered, self-aware and eager to face anything life throws at me. Anything is possible if you have the courage to face it and with Chris by your side, you will accomplish everything

Connie Ryan, Owner
Enchanting Occasions, enchantingoccasionsllc.com


Pat TavissSelf-Mastery accelerated my personal development. A small group setting brings a new depth to doing this work. Working with Chris is a positive mind shift. Her deep ability at conscious listening really makes a difference in the work to be done.

Pat Taviss
Pat Taviss Consulting


Barbara McNichol 1The insights and supportive comments from Christine at appropriate times made a big difference in feeling heard for me, especially over the weeks. I marvel at how well she does that! Creating the space and structure for discussing the principles fit my sense of order perfectly. Yet we know it takes more than structure. She did a masterful job of creating the right emotional space for all to share.

Barbara McNichol
Barbara McNichol Editorial


Margaret JoplinThis process does make a difference.

Margaret Joplin
Landscape Architect, Artist
Design Collaborations


Kirk-Maes-testimonialThe concept of having a life coach is great! It was something I grasped for at times but did not know how it was possible or if the option existed.

It gave me the opportunity to discuss challenging life situations with someone that was not biased and did not have preconceived notions about me. I confirmed and learned many things about myself and how to put that knowledge to use in all aspects of my life.

Christine’s coaching made me a more complete person with added confidence to approach difficult situations and enhance relationships.

Kirk Maes
Systems Administrator


Dot-Kret-160x160Christine helped my staff reconnect with their heart. Her workshops got them talking to each other about what really matters and helped to lift us all above the daily pettiness to remember what we are doing and why. Thank you, Christine!

Dorothy Kret, Owner
DK Advocates, dkajobs.com


160x160-carolyn-monjoiWe all need a fix at least once a month.  Mine is Chris Hazen-Molina’s Heartfelt Workshops.  I leave each one more grounded, motivated and, yes, happier.  Would I consider giving up my monthly fix?  NEVER.

Carolyn Monjoi, Professional Mentor


160x160-dale-dillon-lipsI recommend Chris with all my “heart!” She is skilled at leading workshops that guide you to a more balanced and contented life and sense of self. Chris teaches the tools to help you to improve relationships and communication skills. I strongly recommend both Chris’s heartfelt workshops and her human resources consulting services! She is a fabulous person as well!

Dale Dillon Lips, President
Online BizSmarts, onlinebizsmarts.com


Sue CallinanThe personal coaching sessions I have received from Christine and attendance at her workshops has brought to light the tremendous need to listen and connect with my staff. It’s something I always took for granted, but found that I got more wrapped up in my message than in how it was received. As a result of her training, we can all work more effectively together to get the job done. And the added benefit is that I have a better understanding of my customers’ needs, ultimately providing better service.

Sue Callinan, Owner
Sign Age, signageusa.com


Judy HuchWe have used Christine for a series of workshops to better connect our employees. We are at times divided by geography some working at different offices, but are still part of one company. Christine used strategies that we can easily implement and focus on. In business we say everything for the customer, but like family, if we don’t treat our co-workers with love and respect then it is much harder to deal with the public at large. It also makes it a more friendly and dynamic work place. Thank you Chris!

Dr. Judy L. Huch, Audiologist
Oro Valley and Tanque Verde Audiology, HearInTucson.com


Judy ClincoChris Hazen Molina is a most engaging and magnetic speaker.  She walks the path of joy, sharing her wisdom in the most inspiring way.  What she teaches, you will truly want to learn.

Judy Clinco, Owner
Catalina In-home Services, catalinainhome.com


gail-robertsAfter benefiting from the Heartfelt Communications Workshop, I decided to pursue personal coaching sessions with Christine to explore how to better manage and balance the workload of a sole proprietor. Not only was Christine an extremely helpful listener and coach, but she came to our meeting complete with resources, charts and the basic tools that would help me truly integrate the changes. I practiced the skills and experienced huge results in both my business and my well being.

Gail Roberts, Artist
Gail T. Roberts Studio, gailrobertsstudio.com


john.torre 1Christine is very passionate and connected to her work with Heartfelt Workforce. She is a dedicated professional who has a natural ability to connect with people. Christine’s friendly demeanor and positive energy is present in her interactions and workshops. She is an active and respected member within the community who works with individuals and businesses, helping them to achieve greater levels of success. It is a pleasure knowing Christine and I have found her workshops to be very beneficial and informative. I highly recommend Christine’s Heartfelt Workforce to those who are open and seeking new ways to improve themselves and/or their business practices.

John Torre, PHR, SHRM-CP


Feeling fortunate to have a successful business but also feeling exhausted and out of balance because my life revolved around work, I sought out some help. In my first meeting with Christine she very quickly and clearly identified a few key issues that were creating the unbalance. In the second session she provided multiple recommendations that were easy to implement and extremely effective in restoring more equilibrium to my life. Now I have not only a successful business but the awareness, the tools and the energy to create, restore if needed and maintain a full and balanced life.

Karen Lunda PT, MS
Lunda & Associates



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