Your leaders and teams have limitless potential!

Yet right now, you may be dealing with a breakdown in communication, lower productivity, conflict, challenges for newer team members or leaders to transition into their roles…

How do you engage that potential?

Our in-person and virtual leadership and team coaching programs are highly-focused on your team’s unique challenges to help you achieve breakthrough levels of…

Connection Trust Collaboration Innovation PRODUCTIVITY


“Christine gets to the heart of what has been long missing in leadership training: sincere human connection.”

Christine was amazing at guiding our leaders down a path of awareness (of self and others), recognition, communication, and intention. She provided tangible skills and tools for the leaders to use to practice self-regulation and to communicate more effectively in difficult situations.

Johanna Hernandez
Administrator, Office of Innovation and Strategy
City Manager’s Office. City of Tucson

“As a leader, I have discovered new ways to manage my time, be more organized and pre-plan action steps.”

Before we started our coaching, I had so many responsibilities and I felt like I was all over the place and spread thin. I think our time has been super valuable and important to me. I now see myself as a much better leader as a whole. I think most importantly, I am making sure that I have positive self-affirmations that strengthen my self-confidence as a leader.

Also, I am making sure that what I’m doing is with intention, because I think that’s probably the most important thing. Now I feel like I have a better vision and a more organized manner of how to approach my day-to-day activities.

Carla Nogales
Radiology Manager
El Rio Health

“We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you, Christine!”

We have used Christine for a series of workshops to better connect our employees. We are at times divided by geography some working at different offices, but are still part of one company. Christine used strategies that we can easily implement and focus on. We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you, Christine!

Dr. Judy L. Huch,
Oro Valley Audiology

Our Proprietary Approach with Proven Results

Our branded Emotional Intelligence program Organizational EQ® is ideal for emerging, intermediate, and seasoned leaders who want to lead with greater impact!

This program is centered around Emotional Intelligence; the ability to manage emotions, and recognize and influence the emotions of your team members.

Here’s an amazing fact: Emotional Intelligence is a strong predictor of star performers 90% of the time, according to Daniel Goleman! It drives leadership and personal excellence.

Successful leaders with strong Emotional Intelligence skills have more authentic confidence, integrity, respect, and compassion. They are able to lead their teams with the synergy of their minds and hearts.


Increase your personal well-being
 Enhance your communication and listening skills
 Lead with more empathy, compassion, and a better understanding of yourself and your colleagues
 Develop the ability to change behaviors at work and at home
 Regulate your emotions in stressful situations
 Drive stronger connections and higher productivity to effectively serve your client

Application Process



Experiential Learning

Executive Coaching

Success Data

Emotional Intelligence

Exploring the four pillars of EQ: Self-Awareness, Self-Management, Social Awareness, and Relationship Management. Learn how to enhance these skills for better personal and professional success.

Conscious Team Connection & Communication

Learning conscious communication skills that teach leaders to be open and vulnerable, listen with intention, observe others with curiosity, and build deeper connections with others at work and at home.

Fostering Psychological Safety

Learn the keys to connection through Psychological Safety, which is a condition that leaders can create by having others feel included, safe to learn, and safe to share their experiences without fear of being marginalized or punished.

Cultivating Trust at Work

Exploring the 4 distinctions of trust with colleagues at work: Care, Reliability, Sincerity, Competence, and how to implement them.

Knowing Yourself - Self Awareness

Discover the path to deeper self-awareness by exploring every facet of your life. This workshop will guide you to identify and live by your core values, transforming how you present yourself in the world and enriching your daily experiences.

Self Management / Well-Being

Learn to recognize and understand your emotions and their impact on your thoughts, words, and actions. This workshop focuses on nurturing your entire self to strengthen your overall well-being and lead a balanced, fulfilling life.

Social Awareness Empathy Building

Explore your connections with others, identifying both your strengths and areas for growth. By tapping into your intuition and developing a deeper sense of empathy, you’ll learn to build meaningful relationships founded on trust, care, and respect.

Mindset Mastery

Exploring Mindset polarities; Fixed & Growth, Victim & Owner, along with understanding one’s own resistance patterns and how to grow beyond the pattern.

Relationship Building

This workshop focuses on strengthening interpersonal communication, enhancing your ability to inspire and influence others, and supporting their growth and development. 

Navigating Difficult Conversations

Identify strategies for moving from conflict to cooperation and for giving and receiving constructive feedback when having challenging conversations.

Future Focus: Vision & Goal Setting

Exploring leadership potential and opportunities in one’s career by envisioning their future and then creating the map, action steps, and accountability to create their visioned future.

Our Suite of Services

Organizational EQ ® Leadership Development Program

Mastering EQ ® for Teams

Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Group/Team Coaching

Executive & Board Retreats

People Assessments

Conference Breakout Sessions

People Strategy Consulting

Keynote Presentations


Mentoring Program

Is Coaching a Good Investment for Your Organization?

One-and-done workshops simply CANNOT bring you the kind of results coaching can:

Greater communication, engagement, and performance in your leaders and teams.

Greater time management to create productive outcomes and manifest a better work-life balance.

Greater effectiveness to regulate and strengthen your team’s emotions and maintain equanimity in stressful situations.

Greater self-confidence in your leaders and teams to contribute at their highest level towards their personal and professional growth.

Greater employee well-being to strengthen job satisfaction, efficiency, and reduce turnover rates.

Coaching is one of the MOST individually tailored practices in professional development.

Are you ready to drive extraordinary results in your team? Get our latest tips and strategies to embrace a heartfelt leadership style!