Your leaders and teams have limitless potential!

Yet right now, you may be dealing with a breakdown in communication, lower productivity, conflict, challenges for newer team members or leaders to transition into their roles…

How do you engage that potential?

Our in-person and virtual leadership and team coaching programs are highly-focused on your team’s unique challenges to help you achieve breakthrough levels of…

Connection Trust Collaboration Innovation PRODUCTIVITY


“Christine gets to the heart of what has been long missing in leadership training: sincere human connection.”

Christine was amazing at guiding our leaders down a path of awareness (of self and others), recognition, communication, and intention. She provided tangible skills and tools for the leaders to use to practice self-regulation and to communicate more effectively in difficult situations.

Johanna Hernandez
Administrator, Office of Innovation and Strategy
City Manager’s Office. City of Tucson

“As a leader, I have discovered new ways to manage my time, be more organized and pre-plan action steps.”

Before we started our coaching, I had so many responsibilities and I felt like I was all over the place and spread thin. I think our time has been super valuable and important to me. I now see myself as a much better leader as a whole. I think most importantly, I am making sure that I have positive self-affirmations that strengthen my self-confidence as a leader.

Also, I am making sure that what I’m doing is with intention, because I think that’s probably the most important thing. Now I feel like I have a better vision and a more organized manner of how to approach my day-to-day activities.

Carla Nogales
Radiology Manager
El Rio Health

“We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you, Christine!”

We have used Christine for a series of workshops to better connect our employees. We are at times divided by geography some working at different offices, but are still part of one company. Christine used strategies that we can easily implement and focus on. We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you, Christine!

Dr. Judy L. Huch,
Oro Valley Audiology

Our Services

Leadership Transformation

Your organization needs leaders who can rise to the challenge and make strong decisions in the face of uncertainty. They must know how to inspire human-centered connections to engage their teams.

Successful leaders with strong Emotional Intelligence skills have more authentic confidence, integrity, respect, and compassion to create powerful engaged teams.

Our experts help you build a powerful leadership pipeline to expand your organization’s capacity for succession planning. This will give you amazing momentum to develop future leaders who can step into their new roles with ease.

Executive Coaching

Executive Coaching is probably one of the most, if not the most, individually tailored practices in professional development.

Our coaches meet 1:1 with senior managers or leaders within an organization and provide a safe, structured, and trustworthy environment in which to offer support.

We also help the leader understand their current competencies, see how they are perceived by others, and focus on identifying and clarifying current goals as well as the appropriate action steps to reach those goals. Coaching can greatly accelerate their growth and development!

Team Transformation

If your team is struggling with low productivity and disconnectedness, and you find that no one is really communicating or listening to each other, this is a great place to start.

We will work to foster the foundational qualities of Emotional Intelligence to drive higher levels of communication and understanding, and release the negative behaviors that slow progress. Your team will walk away from this professional development engagement with a renewed trust to collaborate, innovate, and create proactive solutions!

Personalized Coaching Solutions

Not seeing the coaching solution you’d like? That’s okay! Your organization’s needs are highly unique and you need a flexible solution that yields the best outcomes.

Get in touch with us below and let’s co-create a personalized coaching program to cater to your exact needs.

We offer a wide range of flexible programs for scenarios just like this!

Is Coaching a Good Investment for Your Organization?

One-and-done workshops simply CANNOT bring you the kind of results coaching can:

Greater communication, engagement, and performance in your leaders and teams.

Greater time management to create productive outcomes and manifest a better work-life balance.

Greater effectiveness to regulate and strengthen your team’s emotions and maintain equanimity in stressful situations.

Greater self-confidence in your leaders and teams to contribute at their highest level towards their personal and professional growth.

Greater employee well-being to strengthen job satisfaction, efficiency, and reduce turnover rates.

Are you ready to drive extraordinary results in your team? Get our latest tips and strategies to embrace a heartfelt leadership style!