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Organizational EQ™ Training

Soft Skill Mastery for Solid Organizations

2022 El Rio Health Executive Coaching Cohort #2 – EQ Training

Are you are a professional who has risen to the top, and still want to strengthen your connection with your team...then this training is for you.

Are you a professional new to a leadership role and you want to feel more confidence inside yourself…then this training is for you.

Are you part of a team but you feel disconnect and alone…then this training is for you.

Do you desire to have a more connected and fulfilling work life….then this training is for you.

Your Emotional Intelligence is your understanding of yourself, your emotions, and how you relate to others.  By enhancing your Emotional Intelligence you can transform your professional and personal relationships, and as a result, your leadership success.

Team engagement, connection and personal responsibility have shifted the way we work today. Successful leaders with strong Emotional Intelligence skills have more authentic confidence, integrity, respect and compassion that create powerful engaged teams. They inspire and lead their teams from the synergy of their minds and hearts.

Your committed participation in this experiential training will help you:

  • Discover powerful insights on the 4 foundational pillars for Emotional Intelligence

    2019 City of Tucson Ignite Leadership Academy – Emotional Intelligence

    Personal Awareness, Personal Management, Social Awareness and Relationship Management.

  • Strengthen your personal Self-Mastery how to create awareness of how you are in your life by reflecting on your actions, habits and behaviors.
  • Strengthen your Social Intelligencehow to understand the emotions of others through deep conscious listening.
  • Create authentic relationshipshow to connect and build solid relationships in your personal and professional life.

“Motivation aside, if people get better at these life skills, everyone benefits:  The brain doesn’t distinguish between being a more empathic manager and a more empathic father.” ~Daniel Goleman

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Conscious Team Connection™ Training:

Building Trust and Engagement through Authentic Connection

2018 City of Tucson Ignite Leadership Academy – Emotional Intelligence

Are you finding the production of your team wavering or decreasing?

Are your team members disconnected from each other?

Do you find that no one is listening to each other?

Are you finding yourself not trusting your team, or worse, not trusting yourself?

If you answered YES to any of these questions, Conscious Team Connection Training can offer you and your team these benefits and key outcomes:

  • Strengthen connection, respect and trusthow to build the synergy between individuals on your team.
  • Enhanced conscious listening skills how to listen with deeper levels of understanding with empathy and compassion.
  • Enhanced awareness of personal responsibilityhow to understand oneself and their part of the bigger picture as a team member.
  • Engaged work teams working productively – how to all work together towards the mission and vision of the organization.

The key to any team engagement is the ability to connect and communicate. When you communicate from the integration of your head and your heart, your connection to others deepens and expands.  This can enhance your relationships with your colleagues, your clients and in your personal life with your loved ones.

ASU Bob Ramsey Executive Education Certified Public Manager (CPM) training 2021 for City of Tucson leaders

This experiential training focuses on clear communication with listening being just as important as speaking. When the skills are learned and practiced by the participants in their everyday lives, they can have amazing results in communication and connection in their personal and professional lives.

New teams, challenging teams, great teams… any team can benefit from the connection and enhanced listening skills learned in Conscious Team Connection Training.  Invest in the engagement, communication, connection and development of your team.

“The deepest hunger of the human soul is to be understood, to feel heard, to feel validated. The deepest hunger of the human body is for air. When you listen to another person, in depth, until they feel understood, it’s the equivalent of giving them air.” ~ Steven Covey

Here are a few testimonials from professionals who experienced and practiced the Conscious Team Connection training with one of their work colleagues:

Judy HuchWe have used Christine for a series of workshops to better connect our employees. We are at times divided by geography some working at different offices, but are still part of one company. Christine used strategies that we can easily implement and focus on. In business we say everything for the customer, but like family, if we don’t treat our co-workers with love and respect then it is much harder to deal with the public at large. It also makes it a more friendly and dynamic work place. Thank you Chris!

Dr. Judy L. Huch, Audiologist
Oro Valley and Tanque Verde Audiology,

I have known Marty for 15 years and have never had a conversation with him where I listened to him like I did in this training.  It was deeper and more meaningful and I learned Nick Glauber 1some things about him that I never knew. This is definitely a differently way of listening and I can see how valuable and powerful it can be!

Nick Glauber
Director of  Food and Beverage, Baggin’s Gourmet

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