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“Lessons for Self-Love” affirmation cards

cards-lessons-for-self-love-500x500Heartfelt “Lessons for Self-Love” affirmation cards are a deck of 50 brilliantly created with stunning colors and simple messages to support and enhance your love for yourself.

The cards were an inspiration from Christine’s learnings of her own self-love. Reading the inspirational and supportive messages from the 10 different Lessons for Self-Love daily can build your inner strength and love for yourself. This love for your Self will enrich the foundation for all the love in your life.

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Chris’s creation of her Self-Love cards is the icing on the cake for me as I daily pick a card and am reminded that, although I’m a work in progress, I like who I’m becoming. My recent card pick “I celebrate my brilliance and radiance” reminds me that self-love is not selfish. In fact, it is self-enhancing. Mojo thanks you, Chris!

Carolyn Monjoi
Professional Mentor

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A note from Chris

Dear Friends,

On your daily journey, the most important relationship is the one you have with Yourself. Learning to love yourself can be on of the most powerful, and yet vulnerable, steps you can take on your journey through your self-discovery.

The Lessons for Self-Love are in the order that I learned about self-love on my journey. Each chapter includes affirmations that support each specific area of self-love discovery.

Follow the lessons in what ever order resonates with you on your journey to discover the foundation for all the love in your life. Your love for you.

Much love + light,

Lessons for Self-Love Chapters

Each chapter in the Lessons for Self Love cards focuses on a specific dimension of your self-love journey. You can use the cards to inspire and/or motivate you as you begin your day, or as part of your self-care ritual. Or you can post them in places in your home or sacred space to affirm a special self-love message for you.

Lesson 1 – Listen + Trust

Lesson 2 – Love + Divinity

Lesson 3 – Positive + Mindful

Lesson 4 – Release + Receive

Lesson 5 – Magnificent + Unique

Lesson 6 – Discover + Affirm

Lesson 7 – Choices + Honor

Lesson 8 – Connect + Integrate

Lesson 9 – Forgive + Heal

Lesson 10 – Nurture + Radiate

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