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Coaching gives clients a secret weapon, a competitive edge that their un-coached peers do not enjoy. Coaching takes people from good to great. Coaching is not for dysfunctional people. It is not there to heal the sick and wounded. It’s there to help people reach their higher callings and unlived lives.

Steve Chandler, Master Coach

425x298-Life coaching Susan SmithAre you powerful and passionate and ready to make some powerful commitments to yourself to reach your higher calling?

Are you a successful professional and have reached the top of your game, and yet you feel like something is missing?

Are you tired of playing small in your life and are ready to stand in your own power and magnificence to create the life and work of your dreams?

Are you ready to make yourself your own sacred priority?

Then you are my ideal client.

As a Professional Life Coach, I work with you on your whole life, because you are the core of everything you do. I am uniquely qualified to work with you on your Goal Line and Soul Line of your life. When you move forward on the Goal Line of your life (doing) it is imperative to honor the Soul Line of your life (being).

The coaching we do together will honor your Heart and Soul.

We will work together to identify where you want to be in your life and look at your deepest dreams and aspirations, and co-create a powerful action plan to get you there. We will also identify what might be in the way of your dreams, and work to eliminate all the obstacles that might be holding you back.

I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. This work is not easy, and yet the results in your life will be astonishing.

I have two different offerings in my coaching practice:

  • Private one-on-one coaching sessions available in person or virtual with 3, 6 and 12 month commitments. This private work is custom for you. You and your vision are my agenda.
  • Group coaching sessions with intimate groups of 6-8 engaged clients who are ready to make powerful shifts in the safety and sacredness of a group.

Ordinary people believe only in the possible. Extraordinary people visualize not what is possible or probable, but rather what is impossible. And by visualizing the impossible, they begin to see it is possible.

Cherie Carter-Scott

I partner with you to hold your greatest vision for yourself to live an extraordinary life. If you are ready for a powerful shift in your life, let’s talk. Give me a call.

160x160-alex-caryChristine is so good, I chose to lock her in as my coach for 6 months. Her capacity to deal with real world issues as well as dig deep when needed has kept me on track to building a flourishing business that has great meaning to me. Thank you Christine!

Alex Cary
Alex Cary Coaching

Margaret JoplinThis process does make a difference.

Margaret Joplin
Landscape Architect, Artist
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