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“As a leader, I have discovered new ways to manage my time, be more organized and pre-plan action steps.”

Before we started our coaching, I had so many responsibilities and I felt like I was all over the place and spread thin. I think our time has been super valuable and important to me. I now see myself as a much better leader as a whole. I think most importantly, I am making sure that I have positive self-affirmations that strengthen my self-confidence as a leader.

Also, I am making sure that what I’m doing is with intention, because I think that’s probably the most important thing. Now I feel like I have a better vision and a more organized manner of how to approach my day-to-day activities.

Carla Nogales
Radiology Manager
El Rio Health

“We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you Chris!”

We have used Christine for a series of workshops to better connect our employees. We are at times divided by geography some working at different offices, but are still part of one company. Christine used strategies that we can easily implement and focus on.

In business we say everything for the customer, but like family, if we don’t treat our co-workers with love and respect then it is much harder to deal with the public at large. We now have a friendlier and more dynamic workplace. Thank you Christine!

Dr. Judy L. Huch,
Oro Valley Audiology

“I strongly recommend Christine’s Organizational EQ™ course for your team.”

It is educational and experiential, and it allowed our team to practice the tools and skills with each other in class and at home. Teachers actually change people’s brains at a biological level with new neural pathways. Which, as I learned, is an incredibly important way in which our brain is able to learn, grow, and evolve. Christine’s class goes beyond just opening these pathways – she also reinforces them.

This is what creates new habits and sustained changes to transform leaders in this program. Highly recommended!

Eric Case
Cybersecurity Manager
El Rio Health