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Hi, We’re Heartfelt Workforce!

We are your collaborative thinking partner; bringing equal parts connection, empathy, and emotional intelligence to your team to accelerate successful outcomes.

Highlight of Our Expertise

We're Diverse

Since 2009, we have been working with leaders and teams in technology, education, government, healthcare, finance, and construction to name a few.

We're Specialists

Each team member at Heartfelt Workforce specializes in their field of professional development. We pride ourselves on providing holistic Executive Coaches who are skilled at working with leaders on the goal line and soul line of their lives.

We’re Certified

Our Executive Coaches are PCC certified through the International Coach Federation (ICF) and also Certified Soul-Centered Professional Coaches (SCPC) and hold MS degrees in Spiritual Psychology through the University of Santa Monica.

We Value Our Clients

We are guided by empathy, integrity, and connection. We bring the best possible leadership growth experience through Executive Coaching and training to our clients.

Christine Hazen Molina, CEO, PCC, SCPC,

Executive Coach, Lead Training Facilitator

Christine is the Founder and CEO of Heartfelt Workforce, a boutique consulting firm that provides organizations with Strategic Consultation in the area of Professional Development & Executive Coaching for Leadership Success.

Christine helps business leaders and their teams find the path to self and social awareness by offering real-world tools for effective communication in tricky situations ranging from widespread departmental disengagement to interpersonal communication issues.

With over 25 years of experience in professional training, Christine has coached and consulted for human behavior in the workplace through people skills mastery with Emotional and Social Intelligence training.

She has facilitated leadership training and coaching in many sectors including; healthcare, government, technology, and construction to name a few.

Partner with Christine to strengthen connection and communication in your workforce, and build a strong leadership pipeline to develop future leaders with ease. Contact Christine today.

Tammi Scott, PCC, CPCC, SCPC

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Tammi is an ICF Certified Executive & Leadership Coach and Facilitator with extensive experience coaching individuals and facilitating groups across diverse industries, including banking, healthcare, education, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, insurance, legal, retail, technology, non-profit, entertainment, and marketing.

With a strong foundation in Executive & Leadership Coaching, Life Coaching, Mentor Coaching, Training Facilitation, Curriculum Development, Business Strategy, and Strategic Planning, Tammi brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her practice.

Tammi is renowned for her gentle yet persistent coaching style, which empowers clients to overcome anxiety, lack of inspiration, exhaustion, and stagnation in their careers and personal lives. Her clients consistently praise her ability to help them rediscover joy and meaning, deepen their connection to their true selves, and achieve their goals.

Driven by a passion for witnessing her clients’ growth, Tammi is dedicated to helping them explore new possibilities and realize their potential as leaders and individuals.

Tracy Suttles, PCC, SCPC

Executive Coach

Tracy Suttles is a strategic consultant whose sharp ability can quickly assess a situation or need to create viable results. With 20 years of experience as an Executive Coach, she offers collaboration and inclusiveness that make a difference in people’s lives. Tracy is committed to enhancing your workforce’s communication, interpersonal skills, time management, stress management, and work-life balance.

As a holistic thinker with a talent for working with and supporting people in diverse organizational cultures, Tracy is an outstanding communicator, and she has the skills to lead, train, coach, motivate, and inspire.

Victoria Petersen, CMP, PMP

Fractional COO

Victoria holds a degree in Environmental Design from UC Davis and excels at creating custom programs for her clients.

Victoria is fueled by her passion for personalized and memorable experiences that create community. She believes connection in the workplace is key to success— a tenet she shares with Heartfelt Workforce owner Christine. You’ll find them focused on creating a culture where growth and connection are celebrated alongside metrics and sales.

As an innovative thinker she is continually learning and utilizing the latest trends, research, and techniques to keep Heartfelt Workforce ahead of the curve.

Victoria is a Certified Meeting Professional and Project Management Professional and has extensive experience working across various business sectors, including Government, Finance, IT, Non-profits, Healthcare, Professional Services, Higher Education, Wine, Architecture, and Real Estate.

Her areas of expertise include Project Management, Mentor Coaching, Training Facilitation, Business Strategy, Communications, Strategic Planning and Executive Retreats. Victoria is adept at combining these skills to create systems and processes that support leaders and team members within our programs.

Away from her office, Victoria is a creative and avid DIY-er. She and her husband are continually transforming their 60’s ranchette and enjoy sharing it with friends and family.

Tricia Beck, M.Ed

Training Facilitator

Tricia Beck has guided her clients in personal and professional development for over 35 years, resulting in life-long positive and profitable results.

In her #1 Best Selling Amazon debut book, Mentoring Lifts and Inspires, Tricia draws from her diverse background to support businesswomen in achieving their goals and living a life inspired and full-out. Her second book addresses essential skills for effective communication and is due for release in January 2023.

She holds a Master’s Degree, is Certified in Training and Development, Coach For Life, and lives in Tucson, Arizona.


Changing the workplace culture worldwide, giving purpose and meaning to human-centered organizations.


Our mission is to awaken, empower and equip leaders to transform their organization to be more human-centered creating connections, trust, meaning, and purpose.


Empower Others
We respect our client’s growth and leadership development path. We know that each of them is capable of the extraordinary and they come with what it takes to reach their optimal potential. We create safe and inclusive learning environments for our clients.

Honesty and Integrity
We treat our clients, colleagues and trusted partners with honesty and integrity, and we do what we say we will do. We take personal responsibility for ourselves. When we are out of alignment with our values, we quickly come back in alignment.

We love what we do and integrate our values into all our work with our clients. Each of us brings a different perspective which enriches how we live our lives. We respect and honor our clients, colleagues, and trusted partners.

We are well prepared, well informed about the latest developments in our field, and focused on desired outcomes – ours and our clients’. We are engaged listeners and committed to clear and open communication.

We invest in continuous growth and development and life-long learning. We focus on our self-care and total well-being so we can be 100% available to support ourselves, our families and our clients.


“As a leader, I have discovered new ways to manage my time, be more organized and pre-plan action steps.”

Before we started our coaching, I had so many responsibilities and I felt like I was all over the place and spread thin. I think our time has been super valuable and important to me. I now see myself as a much better leader as a whole. I think most importantly, I am making sure that I have positive self-affirmations that strengthen my self-confidence as a leader.

Also, I am making sure that what I’m doing is with intention, because I think that’s probably the most important thing. Now I feel like I have a better vision and a more organized manner of how to approach my day-to-day activities.

Carla Nogales
Radiology Manager
El Rio Health

“Everyday I am grateful that I was able to work on myself to redefine my life journey with Chris.”

I learned pragmatic tools as well as spiritual pillars that supported me in making the changes I wanted to make in my life.

I believe, had I not worked with Chris during a recent life transition, I would have gotten right back on the same unfulfilling track chasing happiness, not realizing it!

Pamela Crim, CEO
Better Business Bureau So AZ

“Christine’s coaching made me a more complete person with added confidence.”

The concept of having a life coach is great! It was something I grasped for at times but did not know how it was possible or if the option existed. It gave me the opportunity to discuss challenging life situations with someone that was not biased and did not have preconceived notions about me. I confirmed and learned many things about myself and how to put that knowledge to use in all aspects of my life.

Christine’s coaching made me a more complete person with added confidence to approach difficult situations and enhance relationships.

Kirk Maes
Systems Administrator

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