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Is your life out of balance and are you exhausted trying to get everything done?

Are you struggling to find joy in your life?

Are you loving the person you see in YOUR mirror?

Are you wondering the ultimate question, “who am I?” and struggle with the answer?


“The most powerful relationship you will ever have is the relationship with yourself.”

~ Steve Maraboli, Life, the Truth, and Being Free


Hi, I’m Chris Hazen Molina, and I have spent the past nine years on my Self-Love Journey.

I got my wake-up call back then and dove deep into discovering who I am and what my purpose is.  I discovered that looking externally for love was futile.  I stopped looking for others to love me and fill me up.

I had the answers inside of me. It was to love ME, first and foremost. It was to love ME, deeply and honorably.

The more I loved and honored myself, I built my inner strength. I could then take my healthy Self into my world and love others from a full cup, not the empty cup I had in the past.

Your love, honor and respect for yourself is the foundation for all your success in your life.


“You have all the answers inside of you.
Strengthening in your self-love will support you to see what those answers are.”

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Lisa OwrickI would highly recommend any course from Chris Hazen Molina. She is an excellent coach that gently takes your hand and leads you through the process of getting to know yourself, heal your inner self, and then learn to love the real you. Whenever you truly love yourself, miraculously your relationships with others expand and possibilities open up.

She helped me connect with my heart, my emotions, my curiosity, and my openness to whatever the world would bring next. I am eternally grateful to Chris for helping me grow, feel more and enjoy life more. It all started by being brutally honest with myself in order to heal and lean to love myself more.

Dr. Lisa Orwick – Natural Life Chiropractic

On your daily journey, the most important relationship is the one you have with your Self. Learning to love yourself can be one of the most powerful and yet vulnerable steps you can take on your journey through your self-discovery.

Your committed participation in this self-love journey will help you:cards-lessons-for-self-love-500x500

  • Create more balance with grace and ease
  • Create more freedom in your life
  • Enrich all of your relationships
  • Live with purpose and meaning

This self-study eCourse will allow you to work on the 10 lessons at a pace that fits your schedule. After you have an opportunity to review each lesson, then you will be able to take time for the reflective questions that follow the lesson.

The greatest gift of these lessons are the insights and self-awareness that you can integrate into your everyday life.

Each of the 10 chapters in the Lessons for Self-Love self-study eCourse focuses on a specific dimension of your self-love journey.  You can work on the lessons at your convenience as they are available by logging in to the program at any time. Below is a list of the Lessons included in this course:

Lesson #1 – Listen and Trust the Voice Inside Your Heart
Connect with your wise self and listen to the messages that are always guiding you.

Lesson #2 – See the Loving Essence and Divinity Within You
See yourself with soulful loving eyes; connect with your Spirit.

Lesson #3 – Speak Kind and Loving Language to Yourself  
Change your conversations with yourself to be kind and loving.

Lesson #4  – Release What is No Longer Serving You and Receive What Will Serve You
Let go of your energy drainers, this can be behaviors, habits or people in your life.

Lesson #5  – See the Magnificence and Uniqueness of Who You Are
Appreciate you own loving uniqueness; learn that you are enough.

Lesson #6 – Discover and Affirm Your Inner Beauty
Realize where you beauty begins, from the inside out; stop comparing yourself to others.

Lesson #7 – Making Choices that Honor You 
Make choices in your life that are self-honoring; learn the power of YES to honoring choices and NO to those that are not honoring.

Lesson #8 – Connect with the Disowned Parts of Yourself
Love and heal the painful parts of you who suffered in the past; integrate them into your present healthy self.

Lesson #9 – Forgive your Judgments Towards Yourself and Others
Release yourself from your self imposed prison of judgments of yourself and others in your life.

Lesson #10 – Nurture and Nourish All Dimensions of Your Self
Care for all parts of yourself; your mental, emotional, physical and spiritual self.

In addition to the lessons you will also have access to a Private Facebook Group for group support to share your learnings and continued growth on your self-love journey.

Anna BurchardChris’s course, workshop and her entire approach to getting in touch with your spirit and heart intelligence is brilliantly designed to make it doable within our busy lives.  Simple steps, that if you take them, and take the time to be honest, will shed light into the areas that have been shadowed and provide easy to use affirmation and tools to infiltrate your ‘regular’ life and change how it is manifesting. I have had more ‘Aha’ moments in the last 3 months than in years of counseling.

If you want to kick the good parts of your life into overdrive by simply getting in touch with your source and consciously settings specific intentions, then do yourself the favor of taking one of Chris’s courses.  And then hold on.

Anna Burchard – Transformation Lifestyle Coaching

 “When people come to me with a problem – I don’t care what it is – poor health, lack of money, unfulfilling relationships, or stifled creativity – there’s only one thing that I ever work on, and that is loving the self.” 

~ Louise Hay 


DSC_7824 (1)Kick the good parts in your life into overdrive.

Build the foundation for all your life’s successes.

Create balance and freedom in your life with much grace and ease.

Enrich all your relationships, beginning with your relationship with yourself.


If you are ready to commit to live your best life, register today and begin your self-love journey!


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