Emotional Agility is a wonderful tool to unlock Authentic Resilience. It brings alive our ability to THRIVE personally and professionally.

Suppressed emotions tend to get stronger until they bubble over and take a hold of you. On the other hand, Psychologist Dr. Susan David points out…

“The radical ACCEPTANCE of all of our emotions – even the messy, difficult ones – is the cornerstone to true, authentic happiness.”

What is Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Agility?

➥ Emotional Intelligence is the ability to recognize and manage your emotions and those of others to communicate better, empathize, and even defuse conflict.

➥ Emotional Agility is the ability to approach your inner world in a flexible and productive way so that you are able to optimally respond even in difficult situations. It does not emphasize suppressing or controlling your emotions.

As leaders, it’s important for us to incorporate elements of both into our workplaces. EI and EA together can shape a values-driven culture of employees who are authentically themselves, engaged, productive, and emotionally healthy.

How Do You Support Emotional Agility in the Workplace?

Having a rigid stance on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ emotions can cause us to become emotionally inflexible. We tend to judge ourselves and others in the face of life’s challenges…

Namely, we become ‘hooked’ by that emotion.

According to Dr. Susan David, “When people are allowed to feel their emotional truth – Engagement, creativity and innovation FLOURISH in the organization.”

It’s so true!

This is a POWERFUL place from which to operate. Ask yourself questions like:

✨”What is this emotion I am feeling?”

✨”What is it trying to tell me?”

✨”What action will bring me closer to my values”

✨”What action will take me away from my values?”

As a leader, it’s also important to set the stage for your team. Think about:

Changing punitive attitudes: Move from a punitive culture that chastises mistakes to one that encourages risk-taking and creativity.

Celebrating work-life balance: When your team is able to recharge, they are energized to take on challenges in a forward-thinking, responsive, and positive way.

Encouraging open conversations: Trust is a cornerstone of Emotional Agility. Encourage check-ins with your team to bring to light issues they may be facing. Approach this with an open, judgment-free, and compassionate mindset.

And, here’s a wonderful revelation…Emotional Agility can help:

✨ Ease stress

✨ Reduce oversights and errors

✨ Encourage innovation and engagement

✨ Drive higher levels of performance

✨ Align your actions with your core values

Emotional Agility is a pathway to help people learn to conquer their emotions and their stress, and become more comfortable in the uncertainty of life.

The most engaged, resilient, and high-performing individuals are those who share an OPENNESS to normal human emotion.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Have you tried any creative approaches to support Emotional Agility in the workplace? Please share your ideas in the comments!