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We will connect with your leaders and teams to explore new perspectives and mindsets! This will create an immediate and direct impact on their performance, self-awareness, and communication skills.

Let’s join forces to illuminate the path for your leaders and teams to move past their blindspots and obstacles, and contribute to their highest potential.

Organizational EQ® Training

Our branded Emotional Intelligence program Organizational EQ® is ideal for emerging, intermediate, and seasoned leaders who want to lead with greater impact!

This program is centered around Emotional Intelligence; the ability to manage emotions, and recognize and influence the emotions of your team members.

Here’s an amazing fact: Emotional Intelligence is a strong predictor of star performers 90% of the time, according to Daniel Goleman! It drives leadership and personal excellence.

Successful leaders with strong Emotional Intelligence skills have more authentic confidence, integrity, respect, and compassion. They are able to lead their teams with the synergy of their minds and hearts.


  • Increase your personal well-being
  • Enhance your communication and listening skills
  • Lead with more empathy, compassion, and a better understanding of yourself and your colleagues
  • Develop the ability to change behaviors at work and at home
  • Regulate your emotions in stressful situations
  • Drive stronger connections and higher productivity to effectively serve your client

Conscious Team Connection Training™

Do you find your team disconnected? Are your team members not communicating in a meaningful way? Let’s build Trust and Engagement in your team!

Our Conscious Team Connection™ Training focuses on conscious listening which can be a very deep and meaningful activity that yields powerful results.

In Session #1, we will focus on the true art of listening, whether in-person or virtually, and walk your team members through the process of listening carefully for content, tonality, and the deeper meaning in conversation with others.

In Session #2, we will focus on naturally expanding the dialog between your team. This is a way for the listener to find clearer articulation and fuller expression of what the experience might be for the sharer.


  • Establish connection, respect, and trust in your team
  • Enhance conscious listening skills in each individual
  • Foster a sense of personal accountability towards the bigger picture
  • Create alignment in your team towards the vision and mission of the organization

Mastering EQ® for Teams

Is your team functioning at its highest level? Or is conflict, stress, and poor communication holding back your best talent?

We invite you to our Mastering EQ® for Teams Program.

Emotional Quotient (EQ) training is so important to drive high-performing teams—and the research proves it. A high-EQ team enjoys phenomenal levels of achievement, trust, and connection not just at the team level—but even as your team collaborates cross-functionally with other teams.


  • Elevate your team’s emotional awareness
  • Enable an adaptive and agile performance at the team level
  • Navigate emotionally charged interactions more effectively
  • Elevate your team’s ability to handle itself well when under pressure
  • Receive 55 team EQ strategies to manage emotions and relationships both inside and outside your team
  • Analyze your Team EQ scores to identify strengths and build on key areas of growth

A high Team EQ is a powerful indicator of high performance!

Let’s explore your Team’s EQ Score and create a highly connected, highly collaborative workforce.

Are you ready to drive extraordinary results in your team?

Get our latest tips and strategies to embrace a heartfelt leadership style!

“Thank you, Christine!”

Transformational lessons, skills and tools taught by Christine during her Emotional Intelligence class stayed with me and my team as we continued to reference them and grow in our understanding of them for a long time thereafter.

Jelena Myers, Crime Laboratory Superintendent
Tucson Police Department

"Christine has helped us transform our leadership behavior, and create more meaningful communication and connections."

I participated in the Emotional Intelligence Training sessions from Christine as part of the 2018 City of Tucson Ignite Leadership Academy. The lessons learned during those sessions greatly improved many of my personal and professional relationships, and I have continued to use the skills since then.

Now, in 2022, I was able to help bring this training to our leadership team. It is so inspiring to witness the team’s growth through these sessions. The demonstration of their leadership behavior, more meaningful communication, and real connections being made with each other and our teams provide us with the foundation necessary to transform our culture and become better partners in meeting the needs of our organization and community.

John Burross,
IT Administrator,
City of Tucson

“I strongly recommend Christine’s Organizational EQ® course for your team.”

It is educational and experiential, and it allowed our team to practice the tools and skills with each other in class and at home. Teachers actually change people’s brains at a biological level with new neural pathways. Which, as I learned, is an incredibly important way in which our brain is able to learn, grow, and evolve. Christine’s class goes beyond just opening these pathways – she also reinforces them.

This is what creates new habits and sustained changes to transform leaders in this program. Highly recommended!

Eric Case
Cybersecurity Manager
El Rio Health