$500M Community Healthcare Organization
to Build Leadership Pipeline for Expansion

This case study delves into a healthcare organization grappling with managerial deficiencies including a lack of leadership mindset, communication gaps, and EQ shortcomings. Seeking to address these critical issues, the organization implemented our proprietary Organization EQ Leadership Development Program coupled with Executive Coaching.

The outcomes were striking. Through our tailored interventions, the organization not only fortified its leadership cadre but also fostered a culture of resilience and interpersonal adeptness, essential for navigating the complexities of today’s business landscape.



✓ Managers lacking leadership mindset or training

✓ Communication gaps

✓ Lack of EQ skills


✓ Our proprietary program Organizational EQ® Leadership Development Program

✓ Executive Coaching


✓ 71% increase in their CONFIDENCE in their leadership skills

✓ 88% increase in their WELL-BEING and self-care

✓ 37% increase in their CLARITY on how to build strong relationships

“I strongly recommend Christine’s Organizational EQ™ course for your team.”

It is educational and experiential, and it allowed our team to practice the tools and skills with each other in class and at home. Teachers actually change people’s brains at a biological level with new neural pathways. Which, as I learned, is an incredibly important way in which our brain is able to learn, grow, and evolve. Christine’s class goes beyond just opening these pathways – she also reinforces them.

This is what creates new habits and sustained changes to transform leaders in this program. Highly recommended!

Eric Case
Cybersecurity Manager
El Rio Health