City Government IT Leadership Team

Builds Communication / Connection Skills

This case study illuminates the journey of a City Government IT Leadership Team grappling with deficient customer service skills and a tech team lacking in emotional intelligence (EQ) awareness. Recognizing the critical need for improvement, the team embraced our organizational EQ leadership development program.

The outcomes as you’ll see were astounding. Through targeted EQ training, the City Government IT Leadership Team not only elevated customer service standards but also cultivated a more empathetic and efficient work culture within the municipal framework.



✓ Poor customer service skills

✓ Team struggled with situational awareness, reading the room

✓ Tech team had lack EQ awareness


✓ Our proprietary program Organizational EQ® Leadership Development Program


✓ 9% increase in their EQ scores

✓ 27% increase in their CONFIDENCE in dealing with emotional issues

✓ 36% increase in CLARITY on building strong relationships

✓ 19% increase in their LISTENING skills

“Christine has helped us transform our leadership behavior, and create more meaningful communication and connections.”

I participated in the Emotional Intelligence Training sessions from Christine as part of the 2018 City of Tucson Ignite Leadership Academy. The lessons learned during those sessions greatly improved many of my personal and professional relationships, and I have continued to use the skills since then.

Now, in 2022, I was able to help bring this training to our leadership team. It is so inspiring to witness the team’s growth through these sessions. The demonstration of their leadership behavior, more meaningful communication, and real connections being made with each other and our teams provide us with the foundation necessary to transform our culture and become better partners in meeting the needs of our organization and community.

John Burross,
IT Administrator,
City of Tucson