Your Energy. Are you Grounded or Scattered?

Ever feel like your energy is scattered in too many directions?  Ever feel like you have your energy in so many places that you are not effective at ANYTHING?

You are not alone in feeling this way.  Welcome to my world this past week! 

I spent most of the month of July focusing my energy on renewal and healing.  After an amazing visit to Miraval Resort, and then a week at the University of Santa Monica, assisting with one of their programs in Spiritual Psychology,  I felt renewed, recharged and ready to focus my energy on my expansion of my fall workshops.

Enter a family crisis.  Whoa, the whole centered piece went out the window!  I could tell each and every time I was giving away more and more of my energy.

I felt very ungrounded and scattered.

I lost track of time during the day.  I found myself looking at my laptop for long stretches and not getting anything done. I was at the beck and call of others who needed me.

If that wasn’t enough signs of  being scattered, I had a few minor mishaps.  On Tuesday I dropped a metal bar on my foot, causing much swelling and bruising.  On Saturday, I didn’t unclip at a stop on a bike ride and fell off my bike and landed into the post of a street sign, severely bruising my bicep muscle. Ouch!  Oh the signs were all there that I was NOT GROUNDED.  And I have the bruises to show for it!

Time for me to regroup and refocus my energy back to ME. 

Grounding can bring conscious awareness to your self and your body.   It can provide you with the strong anchor to center you again if you are ungrounded.

I quickly followed the steps that I suggest to my clients to regain their center.  Here are the steps I followed and are really very easy:

1.   Slow down. Find quiet meditative time and go inside and still your mind.

2.  Visualize yourself connecting to Mother Earth.

3.  Go barefoot and feel the ground, dirt and/or grass.

4.  Drink lots of water.

5.  Listen to your heart about where your energy should be focused.

6.  Say NO to things that don’t serve you or your well being.

7.  Let go of any negative energy and/or upsets with a quiet Free Form Writing session.

8.  Acknowledge your boundaries and honor them at all times.

Regaining your focus on YOU will bring you back to your center.  When you are feeling a bit out of sorts, for whatever reason, use these steps to assist you.  Life happens to all of us and it’s good to know that a few simple steps can help you shift to bring calmness and balance back into your life.

I’m sure you’ve had a time where you were scattered and felt the need to be grounded.   I’d love to hear from you and what works for you when you feel this way!

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Much love and light,


Extreme Self Care: 10 Steps to an Exceptional YOU!

Are you wishy washy about the things you want to change in your life?  Do you just talk about “some day” you want to take care of yourself better?  Are you so busy that you are at the bottom of your “to do” list?  Do you not think you are “worthy” of the time and effort to spend taking care of all parts of your SELF?

If you answered Yes to any of these questions, and you are ready to make some serious changes in your life… on!   Remember that YOU are what you take to every relationship in your life. YOU are at the center of your life. YOU are the most important person in your life. You have been given the special gift of life….and your opportunity is to make it the best you can. When you start by taking your care seriously, everything else lines up to support you.  And in referencing “taking care of  you”, I am talking about all dimensions of your SELF.  Perhaps some levels you have never given any attention to.

Extreme Self Care is….

1..…caring for all dimensions of you: Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual.

2……about taking a truthful and honest look at your current life.

3……about not beating yourself up by what you see.

4……accepting yourself exactly where you are.

5……about committing to small steps to nurture yourself EACH AND EVERY DAY.

6……about acknowledging yourself for each self nurturing action you take.

7……making you the most important project in your life.

8……continuing to make honorable and loving choices in your life that support YOU.

9……continuing to enhance your well being and live the balanced life of your dreams.

10….making these changes part of your new joy filled, healthy and balanced SELF.

Commit to YOU.  These are changes that only you can make.  Have the courage to step into your fear of change.  Embrace all your beauty and divinity and make YOU the best you can be.


When to Connect and When to Disconnect

I just spent the past two weeks on vacation…..the longest vacation I think I have taken since I was a kid!  I had this time set aside for renewal, rest and rejuvenation.  I had to recharge my personal batteries.  I gave myself permission to disconnect with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The first 6 days of my vacation were spent at my grad school, the University of Santa Monica, being of service and assisting for the Lab for First Year Students.  It was a powerful experience to connect with the loving energy of the teachers, faculty, students and fellow assistants (you all rock!)  Working 14 hour days from 9 am to 11 pm for 6 days was intense to my physical self, but my spiritual self kept riding high!

Then I disconnected from the USM energy to connect with rest, relaxation and fun for the next week with my husband on the California coast.  Then my physical and emotional self recharged with sleep (sleeping in late and naps!) and no schedules.  We just went with the flow and allowed ourselves to just BE.

I was very cognizant that I had disconnected from my business social media communication during this time frame.  Part of me felt a bit guilty, but those emotions were quickly squealed by my deep inner wisdom, knowing that disconnection was needed and would be healing at many different levels.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important my business connections are, but I knew that when I returned I would have my batteries fully charged and ready to share again.  That’s what I’m doing now!

Listening to your inner wisdom is crucial when knowing when it is time to connect and disconnect.  Our human selves are hard wired for connection with others and it is important at many levels.  However it is optimal for your health and well being to be conscious of your energy spent to connect, and your energy renewal to disconnect.

When you slow down and find that quiet place inside….. listen and you will hear.

Life Balance: The Mindful Ability to Shift Between Energy Expenditure and Renewal

Do you every find yourself on permanent GO….always doing, doing and again doing?  Do you feel exhausted at the end of your day and your to-do list still has items to be done?  Do you get home and crash and unwind with alcohol or some mind numbing activity?

Living life from an unconscious perspective can put us in the life described above.  Our energy, not time, is the fundamental resources for a balanced life.  If you are not spending enough time in rest, renewal and healing, you may find yourself in a burn out space.

Take some quality reflection time to look at your life.  Where do you spending your energy?  Do you misuse your energy on people, activities and situations that don’t serve you?  Are you surrounding yourself with unhealthy relationships that drain you?    What do you do for your own personal renewal, joy and well being?  Do you spend quality time for YOU filling your cup?

The key to balancing your life is the mindful ability to shift between energy expenditure and energy renewal.   I say mindful because YOU are the only one who can make the conscious decisions to eliminate your energy drainers and add your energy fuelers!  You have the choice to decide how you want to live your life.  Your balance between the four dimensions of your SELF: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your ability to nurture those parts are the key to the healthy balance of your life.

Honor yourself today and take some quiet time and ask yourself this question:  Do I love and care enough about my SELF and my well being?  Find that balance in your life and YOU will be the one to reap the benefits!