I am here to be seen.

Have you ever felt like you wanted to be invisible so no one can see you? Where it is easier to blend into the woodwork and hide?

“I am here to be seen.”  I could hear those words coming from my own mouth, but my voice cracked and got real small.

One of the first activities Robert Holden shared with me and 87 other coaches this past July at the University of Santa Monica Soul-Centered Coaching Lab, was to partner with someone and say these words.  And their response was, “I see you.” Each morning we spent about 5 minutes partnering with different people to speak both of these messages and show that we were present and open to be seen.

Robert guided us each of our 5 days through this activity to begin our day of learning with him.

“I am here to be seen” and “I see you.”

Here is 7 year old Chrissy 🙂

After realizing how “small” my voice became, I focused and shifted my energy to be strong, confident and present. I felt a powerful shift inside myself. And yet……

…….this small voice was not to be ignored.  Whose small voice was this?  Whose voice was struggling with being seen?

It was my little girl. It was little Chrissy.  She was hesitant about being seen. Her belief was that if you are seen, then people will make fun of you.

With the help of my coach and doing some self-inquiries, I discovered that my sweet 7 year old experienced a little trauma that shut  her down and created a fear about “being seen.”

I remember being in the 2nd grade and our teacher was introducing us to oral reports. I was so excited about this experience that I raised my hand and said I wanted to go first the next day.

Right away I knew that I wanted to do a report on a flower that intrigued me.  I went home with so much energy inside to find out facts about this flower so I could share in my report.

So the next day, I was loaded with enthusiasm and excitement.

I was first to share and then sat down with a huge smile on my face.  However, after I listened to each report by the other students, my excitement diminished.

Everyone else’s reports were better than mine.  Mine was boring in comparison.

Yes, I compared their reports to mine and it was no longer special and exciting. I was embarrassed and ashamed of my work.

chrissy 7 yrs

Sweet little Chrissy 🙂

In my 7 year old mind, I compared my work to others and it wasn’t good enough.

In my 7 year old mind, I created separation.

In my 7 year old mind, the other kids were better and smarter than me.

I experienced comparison and then separation.

The message I created in my 7 year old mind was, “Don’t raise your hand, you will embarrass yourself; Your work isn’t as good at the other kids; It’s better to not be seen than be embarrassed”

This stuck with me for a long time. I learned how to hide in the woodwork  and not be seen. That was easier and safe.

Isn’t it interesting to see how the perception of a small child can create a belief that stays with them through their adult life?

Can you relate to judging yourself as not being good enough and comparing yourself to others?

Fast forward to the present:

I’ve spent the past 6 years growing my coaching/consulting practice and “being seen” in front of many groups.  I still get squeamish and nervous when I get in front of a crowd.  And yes, my voice cracks sometimes.

I have been working on healing those little wounds and changing my beliefs around being seen.

I have done some inner work with little Chrissy to let her know that its ok to been seen.  There is nothing to fear or be embarrassed about.

I let her know that what she has to say and share with the world, matters.

I let her know that she is learning and sometimes that means failing and trying again.

I let her know that she is loved and she doesn’t have anything to fear.

I’m the adult and I will be seen for both of us.

She is part of me, and as I’m healing this part of me, I can own my power and my grace to be seen.

Sometimes it is the little traumas that we don’t realize are getting in our way.

When your little one gets in the way of your success, it is time to take a look at who is really showing up in your life.

Ask yourself this question…….Is it your adult, or your little one, who is blocking your success? 

Here I am posing on the big stage at the eWomenNetwork Conference!

Here I am posing on the big stage at the eWomenNetwork Conference!

Fast forward to today:

I am being guided to make a bigger presence and bigger impact to share my message to bigger groups. I met an amazing speaker coach at the eWomenNetwork International Conference in August who is helping me strengthen my skills as a professional speaker and messenger.

I am standing in MY truth and sharing with the world my message about living consciously and creating more peace, love and equanimity in our lives.

I am standing in MY truth and teaching practical tools to women and men, about how to eliminate their self imposed suffering with worry, anxiety, fear and anger.

I am standing in MY truth and doing my own inner work and be the change I want to see in the world.

I am standing in MY truth to learn, grow and evolve as a professional coach, trainer AND speaker to share my message  with the world.

Can you relate to my story either as a child or an adult? Where are you hiding in your life?

I am here to be seen. And I see you.

With much love and gratitude,







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I am the one who chooses.

“Grace is perfect, even when my life isn’t.”  ~Deepak Chopra:

Manifesting Grace through Gratitude Meditation

Have you ever experienced a time when you felt like you were hit with one crisis after another?

As I consciously let go of more chaos, noise and clutter in my life, I am experiencing these “crises” differently.

While journaling in my morning pages last week, this poem came forward from me to write. I want to share it with you:

Life is filled with joys, sorrows, traumas and happiness. Each experience is in service for me to learn.

I am the one who chooses.

I choose how to experience it.

I choose to see the truth or the lie.Lesson 6 - powerful in all decision making

I choose to act or react.

I choose to see the lesson or the story.

I choose joy or sorrow.

I choose love or fear.

I choose to see the truth, the right action, the healing lesson, the joy and the love.

I have the power of my own choice.

I am the one who chooses.

Since I wrote this, I have been challenged with a few “crises” and came back to the poem as a powerful reminder of the choices I had.

I hope it supports you when your life isn’t perfect.

With much love and gratitude,









What I Learned This Summer.

I have experienced so much learning this Summer between my personal and professional travels.  I believe it is all in service to what is next for me.

This is the group of remarkable women who joined my at my Flagstaff Retreat! Love them!

This is the group of remarkable women who joined my at my Flagstaff Retreat! Love them!!

I spent 3 days in Flagstaff at my retreat, “Awaken to the Whispers of Your Soul” with 4 inspiring women doing deep inner inquiry about their lives. What I learned from this experience:

Slowing down is the only way to hear the whispers of your Soul.

When you slow down, you can connect with your deep inner wisdom and divine guidance.  

The forest is deeply connected to our souls.  This is our loving center.


Having so much fun with my family! Great memories!!

Having so much fun playing bocce ball with my family in Flagstaff! Great memories and I love them!!

Then I spent another week up in Flagstaff, by myself for a few days and then my family joined me. What I learned from this experience:

Connecting with family creates loving memories.

 Despite how crazy or dysfunctional families can be, if you move into the loving, that is what you all connect with.

 It is about the loving.

Then I traveled to Santa Monica, California for a 5 1/2 day coaching lab at the University of Santa Monica (where I did my graduate studies and coaching certification) where I was totally enveloped  and enriched into the work of coach and author Robert Holden along with Drs. Ron and Mary Hulnick, Co-Directors of the school.  I also had the honor and privilege of learning alongside 87 other Soul-Centered Professional Coaches. What I learned from this experience:

The secret to happiness is…….that I already am!

USM Soul-Centered Professional Coaching lab with Robert Holden, Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick. Priceless experience!!

USM Soul-Centered Professional Coaching lab with Robert Holden, Drs. Ron & Mary Hulnick. Priceless experience!! Love them!!

The secret to success is…..that I already am!

The secret to being love is…..that I am already loving (giving love) and lovable (receiving love)!  

(By the way, this is called the Already Principle!)

The more I learn and grow, my clients learn and grow. 

The more my clients learn and grow, I grow.

Life loves me.

Miracles arrive at the presence of love.

Be myself and that is enough.

I am the loving.

As I return from this magnificent month of learning, I return a different person.  I recognize that I get distracted with the notion of busyness and doing what I think I should do. I have been pushing and I am moving to a place of allowing.

I have already moved to a place of removing clutter in my life. The clutter of noise. The clutter of stuff.  The clutter of “shoulds”. The clutter of the electronic world.

As you can see, at the foundation of everything I learned….is the love and the loving.

I will close with a quote from Robert himself:

“Dedicate yourself to Love. Decide to let Love be your intention, your purpose, and your point. And then let Love inspire you, support you and guide you in every other dedication you make thereafter.”

With much love and gratitude,


In the silence, they heard.

In September last year, a small group of courageous women joined me in the pines of Flagstaff to listen to the Whispers of their Soul.

They were stressed out, over worked busy professional women who knew that something was missing in their lives.

Business deadlineThey thought that working harder would be the answer.  It wasn’t.

They thought that making more money was the answer.  It wasn’t.

They thought that they didn’t have time for a retreat. They found the time.

In the silence, they heard.

They opened their eyes, minds and hearts and asked themselves these questions in the silence of the majestic forest:

Who am I?

What do I desire?IMG_0879

What does my soul want me to know?

What is in the way from me creating my desires?

What is my next step?

In the silence, they heard.

They were astonished with the profound messages they heard from the intelligence of their heart and soul.  They heard their truth from deep inside themselves.

In the sacredness of the container of this retreat, they were able to listen to the whispers of their soul.

They trusted these messages and knew that it was imperative to trust this sacred and wisdom filled part of themselves and to take action in their lives to bring the peace and happiness they so desired.

In the silence, they heard.

Each one of these women’s lives has completely transformed since this retreat. By listening to their soul, releasing their blocks, and taking they action steps they committed to.

“Awaken to the Whispers of Your Soul: A Women’s Mountain Retreat” was a life altering experience for me personally. It was an intimate, soul-revealing journey into the discovery of the riches we all hold within ourselves, riches that ofkaren mercereau 2ten remain hidden, buried beneath years of “life’s little traumas” and the immediacy of our work lives. I came away knowing that this is a journey I have just begun, ready to continue to explore.”

~ Karen Mercereau, Founder/Executive Director RN Patient Advocates, PLLC

Say YES to yourself and the sacredness of this magnificent retreat to listen to the whispers of your soul.

In the silence, you will hear. 

Come join me and a group of like-minded women in my mountain home, in the cool pines of Flagstaff Arizona, June 26, 27 & 28 for a life altering weekend to unplug from your busy life of “doing” and slow way down to listen.

2015-banner-awaken-mtn-retreatSpace is limited for this powerful retreat. Spots are filling quickly so get yours NOW so you can take advantage of the SUPER EARLY BIRD PRICING before  March 15!!!

If you have a desire to be one of these 6 magnificent women who are ready to slow down to listen to the whispers of their soul, call me today.

I don’t want you to miss out on this experience to listen to the whispers of your soul and transform your life.

Much love,

Loving Yourself. Is it in Your Blind Spot?

Wow, what a question. Have you taken an honest look at your life recently to see if loving yourself is in your blind spot?blind spot

What you don’t see are the obstacles in the way from you truly loving and honoring yourself in your life.  That’s why it’s in your blind spot.

You might think that going to the gym, getting your mani and pedi and shopping might be acts of self-love.  But those are just the surface levels of love. Those are external forms of self-love.

The obstacles that are in the way might be a belief that you are unlovable, that came from your childhood.  Another obstacle might be your critical self that always sees what’s wrong with you. Perhaps one of your parents treated you that way.  And now you treat yourself that way.

Only you can change the behavior or pattern that is blocking your deep authentic love for yourself.

Yesterday I was in conversation with a woman about her experience around self-love.  She recently went to an event that allowed her to see her resentments in her life.  Unbeknownst to her, those resentments were an obstacle in her life.

She had an opportunity to look at her life and release the obstacles.  She was amazed at this awareness and then how she felt so much love for herself!  She felt a powerful shift from surviving to thriving in her life.  And then she asked me:

“Do you think we naturally love ourselves?”

I believe that at our core we are love. I believe that as we come into the world as beautiful precious babies we know that love. As we grow older and experience life’s pains and trauma, that innocence is lost and we forget that love.

Then what happens is that we consciously or unconsciously choose unloving behaviors towards ourselves.

inner critic messagesWe speak to ourselves with critical statements. That is unloving.

We look externally for love. The next relationship. The next car. That is unloving.

We make choices to please other people, even though we know inside its not a self honoring choice. That is unloving.

We fill our lives and calendars with so many activities. We say YES to everything. Then we over extend ourselves to exhaustion. That is unloving.

So the key to loving yourself is to become consciously aware of your relationship you have with yourself. Slow down. Spend some time with yourself and reflect inside.

The more you unlearn the unloving behaviors, patterns and actions, then you can learn to create a more loving relationship with yourself, with behaviors that are self-honoring and self-loving.

The love is naturally there. The key is to move into that loving that is always there.

“Loving yourself…does not mean being self-absorbed or narcissistic, or disregarding others. Rather it means welcoming yourself as the most honored guest in your own heart, a guest worthy of respect, a lovable companion.” ~ Margo Anand

If you are ready to take a look at your life, call me.  You deserve to be the most honored guest in your own heart!

Much love,


All Roads Lead Back to Self-Love

I spent this past month working with some amazing women, first at my Mountain Retreat in Flagstaff and secondly as a workshop facilitator at the 26th Annual YWCA Leadership Conference in Tucson.

The women at my retreat put aside 3 days to “Listen to the Whispers of their Soul” and every one of them came away with the awareness that every dream they had in their busy lives was missing one important piece.  Their deep and intimate love for themselves.


At the YWCA Leadership Conference, 400+ women honored themselves by committing a full day to learn how to design their own lives, do good business and IMG_1044 (2)create a smarter world. In my workshop I spoke to a standing room only crowd of women who wanted to know how to “Build themselves from the Inside Out”.

What they learned was that making self-honoring choices in their lives was the foundation for their self-mastery and self-love.


In my experience as a coach working with my clients, no matter what challenge they might be facing or journey they might be stepping into …all roads lead back to their self-love.

It could be the busy professional who doesn’t know how to slow down to make time for her self care. She is still hearing the old tape in her head that “it’s not good enough” so she keeps working harder and harder.


It could be the Mom who has given her whole life for her family and continues to give, and she is exhausted and running on empty. And she is bitter and anger and her perception is that her family doesn’t appreciate all she does for them.


It could be the woman who doesn’t like the woman she sees in the mirror each day. She loathes to even look at herself. She judges her lookspositive-self-talk as not pretty enough, not thin enough, not smart enough, not enough, not enough etc.


It could be the entrepreneur who is stepping into her true calling of serving others and she holds herself back because she has an old tape from her childhood that says, “Who do you think you are? You can’t do that!”


I believe that Self-Love is the foundation for all well being and healing. I have experienced the lack of self-love myself. When I finally learned the baby steps of loving myself, I saw how strong I became from the inside out. This is the strength I brought to my world to create my life and career as I desired.


i-thought love myself

The theme of the YWCA Leadership Conference was about being a changemaker. All of the women who attended where challenged by Kelly Fryer, the Executive Director of YWCA Tucson, to see where they can be a changemaker in their world. It really made me think about how I could be a changemaker.  Then I realized that I already am a changemaker.

My mission is to help people become more self-aware of their lives and to strengthen in their Self-Love.

Have you taken some sacred time to look at your life and evaluate how you love yourself?  It is necessary to your wholeness and well being in your life.  All roads lead back to self-love.

Much love,


Do You Have a Scarcity or Abundance Mindset?

What is your relationship with money? scarcity_abundance

Is it one of scarcity or abundance?

Do you find other area in your life…..scarce or not enough?

Scarcity and abundance can be real in your life, and it can be further manifested if it is your mindset.  Having one or the other of these mindset can set up how you live your life.  Either scarce or abundant.

Scarcity = the state of being scarce or in short supply; shortage; insufficiency.* 

Abundance = an extremely plentiful or over sufficient quantity or supply; overflowing fullness. *as stated in dictionary.com

I have discovered that this is a very common thread with MANY people and I have even struggled with it myself (I’m working on it now!)

Sometimes I have had a desire for something and I know that I don’t have the money for it.  I felt “poor” that I had to do without it. I couldn’t afford it.

Without even realizing it, this scarcity mindset was affecting other areas of my life.  I found myself sacrificing my desires and always thinking I couldn’t afford it. I even found myself buying “cheaper” versions of items instead of “quality” versions costing more.

Somehow this “lack” was consuming me.

Unconsciously this mindset was present in many aspects of my life.  I was seeing life through this lens of “not enough”.

And syncronistically one day I received a thank you note from a coach I had met and had coffee with a few times. In her note she thanked me for the “soul food” I gave her, and she enclosed a check for $100. I was so taken aback, I had to let it sit on my desk for a week.

What on earth is soul food….and why is she giving me $100?$100 bill

Do I take the $100?  Do I give it back and say “no thanks”.  Do I donate it to a charity?

After sitting with this experience for a week, I finally contacted her and thanked her and ask about the “soul food” I gave her that she is paying me for.

I could truly feel the sense of receiving was right in front of me waiting for my response.

I told her that I would accept this gift and receive, but please tell me more about “soul food”. She explained that she was tithing to me because I helped her nourish her soul with spiritual food.

I had heard of tithing, but only in a church setting.  This was new for me.

She said that she was living the Spiritual Laws of Prosperity and was enlightened by the book, “The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity: A Simple Guide to Unlimited Abunance” by Edwene Gaines.

In her book, Edwene says that “tithing is to return 10% of all we receive to a person, place or institution from which we have received spiritual food.” She further describes spiritual food as “that which inspires us, teaches us, reminds us of the Truth and causes us to remember who we really are.”

4 spiritual laws of prosperity

Once again, this was new for me AND I was very intrigued!

So I ordered this precious little book (lol…a used copy!) and dove in head first.  I was so struck by the simplicity of these laws. And I felt like I was already living four of them.  EXCEPT tithing.

Here are the Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity that Edwene outlines in her book:

Law #1 – Tithing and giving

Law #2 – Setting Very Clear Goals

Law #3 – Forgiveness and Worthiness

Law #4 – Finding Your Divine Purpose 

Currently in my life now, I am open to experimenting with living these Spiritual Laws of Prosperity.  I have been tithing for 3 weeks now and it sure feels strange.  In the past, I would have struggled with writing a check to an organization or a person. I used to (in the past!) hate to part with my money.

nourish-your-soulAs I am experimenting with tithing, I am finding it exciting to look into my world and ask, “what or who nourishes my soul?”.

As I consciously shift my mindset from scarcity to abundance, my decisions come from an abundant mindset.

I have enough.  I am plentiful. I am worthy of good things.

I haven’t won the lottery yet, and I don’t believe that is what prosperity is. I have however had some amazing opportunities come my way recently.  I am open to trusting and allowing these laws to grace my life.

I am open to the full capacity of giving and receiving in my life. I am abundant.  I am prosperous. I am love.

 “…there is no such thing as a purely financial problem unrelated to false attitudes and emotions which caused it or a healthy attitude or emotion which can cure it.”

– Eric Butterworth, Spiritual Economics 


How is your mindset running your life? As always if you desire support with with strengthening your abundance mindset,  message me to set up a time for a Complimentary Discovery Coaching Session and shift your life NOW!

Your future self with thank you.


Much love and light,                                                                                                     







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The rest of your life.

Who am I?calm

What do I desire?

What is in the way?

What do I want to create in my life?

How can I serve?

These are questions I asked myself when I found myself in the midst of my mid-life crisis…..which was really my mid-life awakening.

There was no crisis, only an awakening to my deepest truths of who I am and what I wanted in my life.

I didn’t even know that I could access a different part of myself that could support me in answering these questions.

I was divinely guided to a graduate program at the University of Santa Monica in Spiritual Psychology which blew me away when I first read about it.

My business coach at the time, Steve Chandler, had mentioned it but it was surely not on my radar. I wasn’t ready.

And when the student (me!) was ready, the teacher (USM!) appeared!

I stepped into my deepest fears about looking at my own life and said YES to the unknown. I said YES to USM.  I said YES to the next 2 years in answering the questions I listed above.

But my rational mind wanted to know…….

How is the program going to improve my job?

How will this program improve my personal life?

And then Dr. Ron Hulnick, President of USM, explained at the informational evening I attended in January 2007, what it would change and/or improve.


rest of my life






Are you ready to change the rest of your life?

Are you ready to ask yourself these powerful questions?

Who am I?

What do I desire?

What is in the way?

What do I want to create?

How can I serve. 

These are the questions that will be asked to the participants at my Women’s Mountain Retreat.  Once they have quieted their minds and shifted to listen to the whispers of their souls.

Each woman will allow their soul to have a voice.

Are you ready to connect with that sacred wise part of yourself and ask? Come join me at my Mountain Retreat in Flagstaff September 12-14.

What will you be able to do with what you experience during this retreat?


Awaken to the Whispers of Your Soul: A Woman’s Mountain Retreat September 12–14, 2014 in Flagstaff, Arizona

For all the details and registration for the retreat  CLICK HERE!!!

Just as a reminder, space is limited!  Only 4 spots left!!

If you believe this this retreat is right for you, call me today!


Much love and light,



You have all the answers…

How can I get off this hamster wheel of busyness in my life?HAMSTER-WHEEL

How do I leave this unhealthy relationship?

How do I find peace, calm and serenity in my life?

How can I trust my instincts, I’ve been wrong before?

These are all questions that my clients have shared with me, and some were looking to me for the answers.

As a professional life coach, I don’t have the answers for you.  However I help you find your answers inside yourself.

You see, you DO have all your answers inside yourself.

You do have all the heart, strength and intelligence inside of yourself to find those answers that will direct your life where you want to be.

Really, you say.  It sure doesn’t feel like that.

The problem is that your keen, loving intuition is covered with layers of ick that distort your decision making.  It’s like wearing a big heavy cloak.  It’s too heavy to navigate, so you just stay put.

Does that sound familiar?  You know the answers but this cloak holds you back. So you don’t make any decisions.  Then you get more of the same.

You know what that cloak is made of?


Negative messages to yourself.

Out dated beliefs that no longer serve you.

Misinterpretations of reality.

Anger, bitterness and resentments towards others.

Unforgiveness of judgments towards yourself and others.

Past traumas that are waiting for you to heal them.

Are you ready to shed your cloak and find the freedom and lightness of the life you truly deserve to live?

Are you ready to get off the hamster wheel?

Are you ready to say YES to a healthy relationship with yourself?

Are you ready to allow peace, calm and serenity into your life?

Are you ready to trust your heart and your inner wisdom?  

Say YES to yourself……and trust your inner wisdom!

I partner with you to hold your greatest vision for yourself to live an extraordinary life. I partner with you to shed your cloak and find the freedom you deserve! 


Come join me at my Women’s Mountain Retreat in Flagstaff in September!      

Awaken to the Whispers of Your Soul: A Woman’s Mountain Retreat September 12–14, 2014 in Flagstaff, Arizona

For all the details and registration for the retreat  CLICK HERE!!! Just as a reminder, space is limited!  Only 5 spots left!! If you believe this this retreat is right for you, call me today!
Much love and light,
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In the silence, I heard.

Four years ago, my left eye exploded. 


One day, I noticed strange white spots in my left eye and could not explain it.Little did I know, I had experienced a retinal vein occlusion (yes look it up!)

People that have this are either old or in really poor health. I was neither.

After seeking the advise of a retina specialist, I quickly moved into a series of injections to shrink the swelling on the back of my eye. But it wasn’t fixing it or healing it.

Why was this happening to me? 

My life was fantastic at the time.  I had just completed my graduate studies in Spiritual Psychology and gotten married all within a few months of this happening.

What was my eye trying to tell me?

I made a conscious decision on Easter weekend to totally unplug and listen to my heart, my soul AND my eye.  What was it about my vision?  What was it about pressure?  Why can’t I see clearly?

In the silence, I heard. silence

It was time for me to step into my vision for myself and move into my consulting business full time.  My fear held me back.  I was afraid to leave my well paid job at my family business.

In the silence, I heard.

It was time for me to step into the unknown and fly. It was time for me to leave my family business.  It was time. That was the message I heard.

In the silence, I heard.

It took the gracefulness of silence for me to hear the whispers of what my heart, my soul and my eye wanted me to know.

Now, I want to share with you the experience of slowing down enough to listen. When you slow down, you too can hear the whispers of your soul.

Would you like to join me in the pines of Flagstaff, Arizona for a sacred Women’s Retreat in September?

Are you ready to listen to the whispers of your soul?

Come join me and a group of like-minded women in my mountain home, in the cool pines of Flagstaff Arizona, September 12, 13 & 14 for an all-inclusive weekend to unplug from your busy life of “doing” and slow way down to listen.

Awaken to the Whispers of Your Soul: A Woman’s Mountain Retreat September 12–14, 2014 in Flagstaff, ArizonaSome of our activities will include serene meditation walks in the Ponderosa Pine forest right behind my home.  You will be entering a sacred container of peace, tranquility and space to connect with your deep inner wisdom with 8 other magnificent women.

As you slow down, you will hear the whispers of your soul.

For all the details and registration for the retreat  CLICK HERE!!!


Just as a reminder, space is limited for this transformational retreat!

If you believe this this retreat is right for you, call me today!

Much love and light,