Your Power and Grace

When do you give up your power?

Do you stand up for your truth and your voice?

Do you allow grace into your life?

Are you even aware of the grace available to you?

Power Up 2016

“Power Up for 2016” Speaker line up

I know many women who unconsciously give up their power to others in their lives.  They have a small voice and life a small life.

I also know many women who live their lives on GO and run through life and totally miss the grace and blessing in their lives.

I had the opportunity to speak at the “Power Up for 2016” event sponsored by Good to Glam this past Tuesday and speak to about 100 women.  My topic was “Leading with Power and Grace: Your Secret Success Sauce”.

Every speaker had a powerful message to share with these women.

I spoke about some of the unconscious behaviors we have as women and how they hold us back.

Without realizing it, you might be holding yourself back and sabotaging your success by the following actions:
  1. Having negative conversations with yourself and creating a your reality from that space,
  2. Giving up or not recognizing the power you have inside you.
  3. Judging yourself….not good enough…not smart enough…not enough fill in the blank.
  4. Being a people pleaser and trying to make everyone else happy and you end up empty.
  5. Limiting yourself and your full potential, staying small and safe.

When you open your eyes to your life, your truth and your voice, then you can see the amazing potential you have inside you to to own your Power and and your Grace.

What is your secret sauce to success?

  1. Becoming aware of your Inner World.
  2. Awakening to Your Truth and Your Voice.
  3. Letting go of anything that is holding you back from you living your best life.
  4. Aligning your Inner World first for your outer world success.
  5. Embracing and living in your authentic POWER and GRACE.

You have the potential for so much in your life.  Let go of the smallness of your past and stand in the Glory of who you truly are!

Make today the day you put a stake in the ground to live your best life!
With much love and gratitude,



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