Are you Paying Attention to Signs and Synchronicities?

Do you sometimes wonder if God is trying to send you messages?  Do things happen in your life and you wonder if you are supposed to pay attention to a deeper meaning of what’s going on right in front of you?

Time to pay attention.

When you become more conscious of your life, through intentions or reflections, you will see how the divine messages come to you.  Conscious awareness to the signs and synchronicities that show up in your life can be an eye opener and not just a coincidence.

It took me while, and when I began to pay attention, I was amazed.

My personal journey of conscious awareness began about seven years ago when I was in the midst of what I call my mid-life reflection.  I took a look at my life and asked myself if I was happy.  I could see the chaos and dysfunction in me and around me.  I stopped blaming others for my unhappiness, took responsibility for it and dove head first into the discovery and healing of me.

As soon as I made the shift to conscious awareness, I could finally see my divine path of happiness right in front of me.

I paid attention to my energy and how I felt in the presence of other people.  I learned to let go of those relationships that drained my energy.  I was then guided to more positive and loving relationships in my personal and professional life.  Those relationships are the ones that fueled my positive energy.

When I would ask God for a sign to guide me, it would be shown.  Not necessarily in my timing, but in divine timing. 

This was a sign given to me by a fellow USM student. She picked me out of the crowd and gave it to me. It surely was an obvious sign for me!

I had to be patient and trust that I would be guided.  Sometimes the sign would clearly indicate where I was NOT supposed to be.  Then I would change paths instead of trying to force my will on something that was not meant to be.

When you follow the signs that bring you to your divine path, life actually becomes more peaceful and joyful.

When you take the time to reflect on your life, pay close attention to what manifests in your life.  Here are my simple take away tips for you to follow your divine path:

1.      Take quiet time to pray and meditate each morning and set your intentions for your day, not your to-do list, but intentions of how you want to be.

2.      Ask God (or whatever your higher power might be) to show you signs of your divine path.

3.      At the end of each day, take time to reflect and review what messages you may have been shown.

4.      Let go of any negative attitudes, actions and behaviors that no longer serve you or your path.

5.      Acknowledge your gratitude for all the goodness and lessons in your life.

I challenge you to move into these action steps to discover more about your divine path. Begin today!

If you have already experienced the divinity of signs and synchronicities in your life, I’d LOVE to hear about them!  Share here in the comment section below.  If you love this post and think that it would be helpful to your peeps, please share it.  Enjoy your journey!!


Much love and light,


  1. My time for reflection and recentering varies. Right now with the pool being the perfect temperature, I like to float on my noodle while reflecting and sending positive light to my loved ones.

    • Christine says:

      Perfect surroundings for your quiet time Dale! The water in the pool is very grounding and connective and an wonderful place to send your light. Thanks so much for sharing 🙂

  2. Good insights as usual Chris! You truly speak from a place of experience and truth and that is priceless!

  3. I stumbled upon your site after extensive google searching regarding synchronicities. I have always been very spiritual.. and will often ask the universe for signs, and then receive them in a variety of manners, usually through songs on the radio. In the last year, I experienced my first, and then a series of many synchronicites that were well beyond chance, having to do primarily with a relationship that I struggled within and then ended.
    The first synchronicity that really shook me up came from a television show. I had just finished writing in my journal about a conflict I was experiencing in my relationship and some suspicions I had regarding my partner at the time. I decided to try and divert my attention away from the strange thoughts, feelings, and dreams I had been having and to give this person the “benefit of the doubt”. I turned on the television just to see a depiction of the exact situation I had been in fear of playing out on a sitcom, and the parallels were so striking and unlikely, that I spent the rest of the evening deeply disturbed. After this experience, the synchronicities multiplied and became even more eerie.. . I filed them away in my mind and started recording them, and although I did feel a bit “crazy” for indulging in this strange phenomena, the instances were so far beyond logic that I felt I absolutely had to pay attention.
    Down the road and many more synchronicites later, after my suspicions regarding my relationship had been (for the most part) confirmed and we had broken up, I continued (and still continue) to experience synchronicites themed around the relationship.

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