When Holiday Family Traditions Change

Here is a picture of my kids with their cousins at Christmas. Despite changes in our family, they still embrace new traditions and connections with each other.

Here is a picture of my kids with their cousins at Christmas. Despite changes in our family, they still embrace new traditions and connections with each other.

The Holidays are upon us and we are supposed to be joyful, right?  What happens when your family changes and your traditions change?  It can be upsetting indeed to not do the same things you have done for years.  Or does it have to be upsetting?  We have a choice about being upset or sad….or to find the joy in creating new traditions.

Families change with marriages, divorce and death of our loved ones.   I know how difficult it was for me when I went through a divorce years ago and my kids were not with me for every celebration.  But I respected the fact that a change was happening and I created new traditions.

Now I have the addition of my loving husband and his kids to add to my new family traditions.  We embrace change and just enjoy whomever we are with and have loving memories of our past traditions.

Here are a few steps to help during the holidays if you are faced with changing your family traditions:

1. Treasure your memories of your past.   Keep them close in your heart for they were a part of your happiness at a different time in your life.

2. Select a new day of celebration.  It does not have to be on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day.  Select a few days before or a few days after the actual holiday and make it your own.

3. Embrace change.  Know that our lives are ever evolving and change is imminent.

4. Be in the moment and find the joy in it.  When you shift your way of thinking and look for the glimmers of joy, you will surely find them.

5. Be grateful for where you are in your life right now.   You might be in the middle of a divorce or grieving the death of a loved one, but know your are human and there are lessons to be learned in every challenging experience.

We are meant to connect to others and it seems especially fitting during the holidays.  As we celebrate together, our heart connections become deeper.  Allow yourself to flow with what ever change you might be experiencing.  Reach out to others for support.  Create your new traditions as you and your life evolve.

Much love,





  1. Chris:

    Your blog is absolutely perfect. Our families really are changing and change is oh so good! Miss you and wish you, Fernando and your entire family a most blessed Christmas and a prosperous New Year!


  2. Juandalee Titshaw says:

    W celebrated Christmas yeaterday with our son Keith and his son Micheal and his wife Christne and their daought Sheridan. It was wonderful but theri are other family member that were not with us. I hve in my life seen many changes( distants has always been a major one) and I must learn to love and injoy what I have and not what I don’t have. I love you and your and wish you a Merry Christmas and Wonderous New Year.

    • Hi Juandalee….so glad to hear you were able to celebrate with Keith and his family. Even though we can’t always be with our family during the holidays, they are always in our hearts. It was nice to get my family together last night with my Mom and her siblings. It has been a long time and it was great to get together. Hugs to you and wishing you the best this holiday season <3

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