When to Connect and When to Disconnect

I just spent the past two weeks on vacation…..the longest vacation I think I have taken since I was a kid!  I had this time set aside for renewal, rest and rejuvenation.  I had to recharge my personal batteries.  I gave myself permission to disconnect with the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

The first 6 days of my vacation were spent at my grad school, the University of Santa Monica, being of service and assisting for the Lab for First Year Students.  It was a powerful experience to connect with the loving energy of the teachers, faculty, students and fellow assistants (you all rock!)  Working 14 hour days from 9 am to 11 pm for 6 days was intense to my physical self, but my spiritual self kept riding high!

Then I disconnected from the USM energy to connect with rest, relaxation and fun for the next week with my husband on the California coast.  Then my physical and emotional self recharged with sleep (sleeping in late and naps!) and no schedules.  We just went with the flow and allowed ourselves to just BE.

I was very cognizant that I had disconnected from my business social media communication during this time frame.  Part of me felt a bit guilty, but those emotions were quickly squealed by my deep inner wisdom, knowing that disconnection was needed and would be healing at many different levels.  Don’t get me wrong, I know how important my business connections are, but I knew that when I returned I would have my batteries fully charged and ready to share again.  That’s what I’m doing now!

Listening to your inner wisdom is crucial when knowing when it is time to connect and disconnect.  Our human selves are hard wired for connection with others and it is important at many levels.  However it is optimal for your health and well being to be conscious of your energy spent to connect, and your energy renewal to disconnect.

When you slow down and find that quiet place inside….. listen and you will hear.


  1. Yes, there are times you need to listen to that inner wisdom! Weekends sometimes, vacations, and just quiet moments in the day.

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