Life Balance: The Mindful Ability to Shift Between Energy Expenditure and Renewal

Do you every find yourself on permanent GO….always doing, doing and again doing?  Do you feel exhausted at the end of your day and your to-do list still has items to be done?  Do you get home and crash and unwind with alcohol or some mind numbing activity?

Living life from an unconscious perspective can put us in the life described above.  Our energy, not time, is the fundamental resources for a balanced life.  If you are not spending enough time in rest, renewal and healing, you may find yourself in a burn out space.

Take some quality reflection time to look at your life.  Where do you spending your energy?  Do you misuse your energy on people, activities and situations that don’t serve you?  Are you surrounding yourself with unhealthy relationships that drain you?    What do you do for your own personal renewal, joy and well being?  Do you spend quality time for YOU filling your cup?

The key to balancing your life is the mindful ability to shift between energy expenditure and energy renewal.   I say mindful because YOU are the only one who can make the conscious decisions to eliminate your energy drainers and add your energy fuelers!  You have the choice to decide how you want to live your life.  Your balance between the four dimensions of your SELF: Physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Your ability to nurture those parts are the key to the healthy balance of your life.

Honor yourself today and take some quiet time and ask yourself this question:  Do I love and care enough about my SELF and my well being?  Find that balance in your life and YOU will be the one to reap the benefits!


  1. This is exactly what I needed to read today! After a week long vacation and then the 3 day 4th of July weekend, I’m ready for a fresh start. Balance and perspective are the key words!

  2. Christine says:

    Dale, I’m so glad that you had your renewal time and you are ready for a fresh start. It is so necessary for our health and well being!

  3. Good morning Chris! What a great way to start the day. Thanks for being so tuned in to what really matters. Just reading your blog sets a positive tone for the day in the workplace as well as personal life. It helps us to just take a moment to get things in order and to make some better decisions as to how to proceed and handle situations. Every day is a fresh one, and we can have happy,meaningful and productive lives, and rid ourselves of some of the unnecessary baggage. Have a fabulous day! Dolly

  4. Christine says:

    Thanks Dolly! I’m so glad you enjoyed the message and have taken it to heart in your life!

  5. “The key to balancing your life is the mindful ability to shift between energy expenditure and energy renewal.” SO TRUE! Thanks for the beautiful reminder Christine.

    I’m always reminded of this after a holiday weekend. It seems easy to take time for myself then. What about the rest of the time, right? That’s where the balance and responsibility come in.

    Thanks for sharing!

  6. Christine says:

    Balance and responsibility to self go hand in hand! Thanks for your input Amber!

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