Connecting to Your Heart….Really Simple Steps

For those of you whose brains are on 24/7 and you aren’t quite sure how you could connect with your heart, I have some very simple steps for you to follow.  You might say that you are so busy that you don’t have time to slow down to even connect with your heart.  Or you might even ask yourself, “What does my heart want to tell me?”  When you slow down enough and honor yourself with some quiet sacred space, you would be amazed what answers you get.

I’ve listed some easy steps to follow once you find that quiet space and time.  Try it for two minutes at first just to get the feel and then add one minute each week.  You will find some profound results.

1.  Find your quiet place and close your eyes.  Your brain will begin to produce slower alpha brain waves as you move into a relaxed, meditative state.

2.  Say your intentions out loud about your desire to connect with your heart, such as “My intention is to allow myself this quiet time to connect and listen to what my heart wants me to know.”

3.  Focus on your breath, in and out.  Imagine you are breathing in the light of spirit and on your exhale you are releasing anything that is no longer serving you.

4.  Once you feel the calmness, put your hand on your heart.  Move your energy to the center of your body in your heart chakra.  Feel the power of your heartbeat.

5.  In the quietness of this space, ask if there is something your heart or soul wants you to know.

6.  Listen for the answer.  Don’t rush, take your time, just embrace this space. This is the sacred space where you can hear the messages from your heart.  The answers may not show up during your session, but may come to you later in the form of a sign or synchronicity.

7. When you are complete and ready to open your eyes, feel the gratitude for connecting with this part of your SELF that wants you to listen.

8.  Repeat the steps and try to stay in this space just a bit longer each time.

Connecting with your heart and living life from a Heart Centered perspective can be very different if you are used to being driven by your brain.  Take the time to connect with the power and beauty of your heart and the results will astound you.



  1. Good submit. The much more I read it the more I like it!

  2. Christine says:

    Thanks Heidy, I appreciate your kind words!

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