Authoring My Life

I am lighter now. Not physical weight, but emotional weight.  I left some old stuff up on the mountain this past weekend.  I knew the stuff was with me even though I have been processing it this past year.  But I knew it was time to let it out, and let it go.  Release it to the Universe with love in my heart.

Being a participant in the “Authoring Your Own Life” retreat was a truly a transformational experience for me.  Now I feel lighter.  I feel energized and open.  Not that I did not feel great before I went up the mountain (Mt. Lemmon), but the old stuff was something that was no longer serving me.  I teach this to the participants in my Heartfelt Learning Workshops, but I knew that in my humanness, I had something that was with me that was not serving me anymore.  But it was me, and only me, that could acknowledge it for what it was, cry about it, accept it and then let it go.  I am continually peeling away at the layers of my own internal self and moving closer to the core of my Authentic Self.

I have been home for almost 2 days now and it seems as though the sparks are continuing to fly and I can feel my lightness.  I have made room for more great things in my life.  My intentions are solid and I have shared them in the sacredness of 20 other women on the mountain, as the peacefulness of a snowfall was beginning just outside.  It was a spiritual experience indeed and the snow was just a symbol of the purity of all our hearts and the recognition that we all have that purity, beauty and sacredness inside ourselves.  To be in touch with those places inside was just a reminder of how blessed I am.  Heartfelt thanks to all my new friends for sharing this experience with me.

I am the author of my life.

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