Let me introduce myself. I am Christine Hazen Molina and I am a Professional Life Coach, Emotional Intelligence team trainer, speaker and author.

As a Professional Life Coach, I work with you on your whole life, because you are the core of everything you do. I am uniquely qualified to work with you on your Goal Line and Soul Line of your life. When you move forward on the Goal Line of your life (doing) it is imperative to honor the Soul Line of your life (being).

The coaching we do together will honor your Heart and Soul.

We will work together to identify where you want to be in your life and look at your deepest dreams and aspirations, and co-create a powerful action plan to get you there. We will also identify what might be in the way of your dreams, and work to eliminate all the obstacles that might be holding you back.

Please watch the video below to learn more about Chris!

I will challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. This work is not easy, and yet the results in your life will be astonishing.

I will share a bit about me and my “why”. Why I am in the career I am in now, and how blessed I am to be sharing my gifts and talents with the world.

I spent 20+ years in the corporate world as a Human Resources professional in my family’s large construction business. I was also involved in Administrative Leadership, Finance and Strategic Planning for the business. I enjoyed the work I did, and yet I knew inside myself that I had so much to offer the world with my gifts and talents in human relations field. I felt stuck in my job.

At the same time I felt trapped in a box, in my personal and professional life.

quantum-leap-in-distance-before-200x267I tried so hard to change the other people in my life, but it wasn’t working. My fear held me back from looking at myself and my own issues. If I changed, I would disappoint and hurt others, and I surely didn’t want that. So instead, I shoved all those feelings down and did nothing to address them. I continued to live with the quiet suffering inside.

165x220-quantum-leap-02Then I finally got my wake up call. I stepped into my fear and took a leap (as you can see from this picture taken at Miraval’s Quantum Leap!). Life was tapping on my shoulder waiting for me to take a deep look inside. I created my resource team to help me during my journey inside. My therapists, coach, trusted friends, loving family and God.

I made my own internal shift about who and what I wanted in my life. I transformed my life.

During my own midlife reflection and evolution, I went back to school and completed my graduate studies in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica. It was while I was in this program that Heartfelt Workforce + Lifeforce was born. It was my desire and intention to bring connection, care and compassion to the workplace through my coaching and consulting. I was able to combine my many years in the Human Resources field with my soul-centered education. My teachings were around awareness and enhancement of my client’s Emotional Intelligence. In 2013 I had the honor of completing and graduating from USM’s first Soul-Centered Professional Coaching Program class in its history.

I transformed my career.

Chris Emotional Intelligence

As a Professional Life Coach, I work with professional women and men who are seeking more fulfillment in their lives. They may have risen to the top in their career, and yet know that there is something deeper that they yearn to connect with. This is where my clients learn to shine on the Goal Line and Soul Line of their lives. My clients are ready to stand in their own power and magnificence to create the life and work of their dreams.

As a team trainer, I work with corporate teams to educate them on their Emotional Intelligence, and move them through experiential exercises to transform their own personal and social competencies. Through this training, each team member has an opportunity to improve their way of being in their personal and professional lives.

Through my own life transformations, I inspire others to look at their lives and create the life of their dreams.

I love the work I do! I love witnessing the transformation of my clients and watching their ah-ha moments. When the transformations begin to happen, their lives unfold before them. Their path is show to them as they build their own inner strength.

As you strengthen inside, you will begin to see the possibilities for you in your life. You will find more creative solutions in all areas of your life. You will transform.


Are you ready for your transformation?

Call me and we can look at the possibilities in your life!

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