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“Christine was AMAZING at guiding our leaders down a path of awareness, recognition, communication, and intention.”

Johanna Hernandez,
Administrator, City of Tucson

Leadership Transformation

“Working with Christine has helped us create REAL connections to become better partners in our organization and community.”

John Burross,
IT Admin, City of Tucson

“Christine gets to the HEART of what has been long missing in leadership training: Sincere human connection.”

Judy Clinco, Owner, Catalina In-home Services


Is your team caught in the chaos of

Poor communication
Performance silos
Lack of accountability

5 Times Our Clients Call on Us

At pivotal moments, our clients rely on us to restore harmony and enhance operational success. Below are a few examples:

When infighting between two senior leaders is negatively impacting business outcomes and can no longer be tolerated.

When your team has just dropped the ball on a major client deliverable due to a communication breakdown and the client is threatening to fire you.

When a high-profile leader suffers a sudden exodus of key talent from their team and immediate action must be taken.

When the ELT realizes they exactly ZERO “ready now” leaders that can tap to fill critical positions that will be open in the next 60-90 days.

When two or more revenue/mission-critical teams are being merged and you need them operating at full effectiveness in the first 100 days.

The Transformation

Your mid-level leaders, upper-level, C-Suite LEADERS will MASTER this core leadership skill, and learn how to engage the hearts and minds of their teams to spark human-centered connections.

Your TEAMS will DEVELOP the competencies to communicate from the heart, collaborate in a meaningful way, take values-aligned actions, and assume ownership of their performance to fuel greater levels of productivity.

In the face of growing complexity, it’s time to lead from the heart.

What It Looks Like To Work With Us

Leadership and team coaching can ignite a lasting culture shift to drive higher levels of empathy, engagement, and achievement across your organization!

Heartfelt Workforce is your collaborative thinking partner, passionate about helping you forge an Emotionally Intelligent workforce.

Our experts will guide your leaders and teams through their highly complex challenges to build the heart-centered skills needed to manifest positive and profitable outcomes!

Leadership Transformation


Strategy Design

Solution Development

Implementation (Roll-Out)


Continuous Improvement

Repeat – Next Cohort

Our Suite of Services

Organizational EQ ® Leadership Development Program

Mastering EQ ® for Teams

Executive Coaching

Life Coaching

Group/Team Coaching

Executive & Board Retreats

People Assessments

Conference Breakout Sessions

People Strategy Consulting

Keynote Presentations


Mentoring Program


"Christine has helped us transform our leadership behavior, and create more meaningful communication and connections."

I participated in the Emotional Intelligence Training sessions from Christine as part of the 2018 City of Tucson Ignite Leadership Academy. The lessons learned during those sessions greatly improved many of my personal and professional relationships, and I have continued to use the skills since then.

Now, in 2022, I was able to help bring this training to our leadership team. It is so inspiring to witness the team’s growth through these sessions. The demonstration of their leadership behavior, more meaningful communication, and real connections being made with each other and our teams provide us with the foundation necessary to transform our culture and become better partners in meeting the needs of our organization and community.

John Burross,
IT Administrator,
City of Tucson

“Thank you, Christine!”

Transformational lessons, skills and tools taught by Christine during her Emotional Intelligence class stayed with me and my team as we continued to reference them and grow in our understanding of them for a long time thereafter.

Jelena Myers, Crime Laboratory Superintendent
Tucson Police Department

“I strongly recommend Christine’s Organizational EQ™ course for your team.”

It is educational and experiential, and it allowed our team to practice the tools and skills with each other in class and at home. Teachers actually change people’s brains at a biological level with new neural pathways. Which, as I learned, is an incredibly important way in which our brain is able to learn, grow, and evolve. Christine’s class goes beyond just opening these pathways – she also reinforces them.

This is what creates new habits and sustained changes to transform leaders in this program. Highly recommended!

Eric Case
Cybersecurity Manager
El Rio Health

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Christine Hazen Molina, PCC, SCPC, is the Founder and CEO of Heartfelt Workforce, a boutique leadership development firm.

Heartfelt Workforce is comprised of a network of ICF-Certified Coaches, master facilitators, and expansive strategists dedicated to creating inclusive spaces for leaders and teams to build trust, innovate, and grow sustainably.

Christine and her talented team are deeply passionate about helping high-potential leaders and teams cultivate a conscious workplace culture that drives exceptional levels of human behavior, connection, and success in the workplace.

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