Radiant Living Intensive

What do you keep promising yourself that you will change in your life?
Is it time for you to stop quitting on yourself?
Are you ready to stop thinking about what you want to change and take action now?
Are you ready to create your Success Roadmap for this next year?
Are you craving the support to help you on your journey through change and  transformation?


IMG_5021If you answered YES to these questions…
come join me to make 2016 YOUR YEAR OF CHANGE!


“If you change nothing, then nothing will change.” ~ unknown

I’m Chris Hazen Molina and I’ve helped hundreds of women awaken to their lives, their truth and their voices to ultimately live their best lives.

In this space of transformation, they stopped thinking about change, put a stake in the ground for their dream lives and created the change within themselves.

They took the steps to create a radiant life for themselves, from the inside out.

I used to be the New Year’s Resolution Quitter (in the past). I would make grand resolutions to change A, B, C and D on New Year’s Day.

However, I had a 21 day quitting zone. Somewhere between Day 5 and Day 21 I would become side tracked, disillusioned and quit.  Somehow I would never make it to February 1st. My excuses were numerous.

It was too hard. There was too much to do. I didn’t have time. I was too busy. I forgot.

Then I would beat myself up and judge myself for quitting and then failing. As much as I desired change, I didn’t have the commitment inside myself or the resources to support me.

Do you have a quitting zone? Have you ever experienced this crazy cycle of quitting and then self-judgement?

After years of doing my inner work, I finally discovered my recipe for success:


Desire   +   Commitment   +   Support   =   Success


I became crystal clear about what I desired. I put a stake in the ground for my commitment (which I like to call Sacred Promises) and I reached out and created my support team.

My support team included being part of a community where I had guidance, accountability and encouragement.

With this new recipe for success, I made it to Day 10, Day 21, Day 30, Day 60, Day 90, Day 150, and so on.

This success came one day at a time and one step at a time.

Today I live a radiant life.

I took 100% responsibility for my happiness and took the steps to create the life and work of my dreams.  It took one step, and then another, and then another.

It begins with a commitment to a better life and the change inside that creates that.

Are you ready to stop thinking about change and ready to take action?

It is time for you to step into your dream life?

This success is available to you!

Pam CrimEveryday I am grateful that I was able to work on myself to redefine my life journey with Chris. I learned pragmatic tools as well as spiritual pillars that supported me in making the changes I wanted to make in my life.

I believe, had I not worked with Chris during a recent life transition, I would have gotten right back on the same unfulfilling track chasing happiness not realizing it!

Pamela Crim
CEO of the Better Business Bureau So AZ

I support the people in my community to create their own success with this recipe.

I am passionate about supporting you in discovering your true desires, making powerful commitments and taking the action steps to get there.

I will take a powerful stand for you and your successes in life.



Come join me to begin your New Year of 2016.



Your committed participation will allow you to:

  • Bring more clarity to your truth and your desires.
  • Allow you to identify and release your energy drainers.
  • Bring freedom to yourself from the suffering of negative thinking and anxiety.
  • Allow you to create your Success Roadmap for your next year.
  • Open your mind and heart to more peace, joy and happiness that you deserve.


425x298-Life coaching Susan SmithI support you in creating a life you love! This day long intensive will include some teaching, some coaching, your self-reflection, sharing and connection.  And ultimately, the beginning of your transformation.

I invite you to say YES to yourself and join me on Saturday, January 23 from 9am to 4pm for my Radiant Living Intensive. Join me and an amazing group of supportive and open individuals who are ready for change.


In addition to your day of learning and transformation, you will also enjoy an elegant lunch hosted by the award winning Skyline Country Club staff and served to you with breathtaking city views!

skyline photo


Your investment for the day long Radiant Living Intensive is $125.

Take advantage of Early Bird Pricing of $97 before December 31.



I am ready to invest in myself and my life!

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